4 A.I. solutions for your Business in 20212 min read

10 diciembre, 2020 2 min read
Aldemaro Cruz


4 A.I. solutions for your Business in 20212 min read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be applied to all businesses, if they ask themselves the right questions about customer behavior, purchasing behavior and media content to close sales and improve reach and/or engagement numbers across B2C channels.

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Also, the so-called «new normal» suggests us to reduce contact and AI is an excellent way to avoid touching documents as well as being physically present in a place in order to complete a purchase or make a complaint.

Predictive Analytics

Also known as supervised learning. These algorithms don’t need much data to provide results and are proven to be very accurate. They are normally used in: customer targeting, fraud prevention, sales forecast, market analysis, risk assessment and financial modeling.

Small businesses could benefit from predictive analytics for better understanding their customers the same way a bank uses this to approve or deny loans.


(Unsupervised Learning) is used to identify patterns to find characteristics that allow segmentation among different customers, reduce email spam and identify fake news.

Predictive analytics and clustering are used by companies when they want to know what kind of data will fulfill analytics needs and to apply the best segmentation model within their customers.

Natural Language Processing

NLP algorithms are applied in Chatbots, Text Analytics and Speech Recognition. Since it is programmed to recognize traits in language, it will recognize sentiment in order to generate a better understanding of a review or a request when it comes to customer experience. NLP is improving day by day. Highly suggested to stay up to date with its next discoveries.

Computer Vision

From self driving cars to facial recognition, its applications also can be used to improve CCV security and medical applications. Businesses can easily adapt Computer Vision through Object Character Recognition to extract information from images (Such as ID scans).

The movie industry usually uses CV to modify objects and render them accordingly.

AI can work with all kinds of businesses. We suggest you to go through all its applications, you may find an easy way to solve a pain point you may be having right now as well as improving personal data requests and customer experience.

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