5 principles to upgrade your UX/UI design in your website3 min read

18 agosto, 2020 3 min read
Luis Pinto


5 principles to upgrade your UX/UI design in your website3 min read

People form their first impression of a website in half a second, according to a study conducted by Google on the impact of design on the use of websites. That means, our UX/UI design must be done as to get the attention of users immediately. 

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To achieve this, it’s important for the design and experience that the user gets, be the best possible right away. We know that it is difficult to do so, so here are 5 basic principles for you to achieve the result you want:

1. Design with a goal in mind 

Design for what you want your visitors to do. Websites that are truly functional make it clear what they’re about and what should be done. A clear example of this is Google, its objective of being a search engine is met, it is direct and obvious. With a simple blank bar, they manage to get people to perform the actions they wish for without problems.

A well-crafted UX/UI design directs those who interact with the site to clear and concise action, whether it’s subscribing to a service, making a purchase or reading its content. They can simply guide people to the desired outcome. In this case, it’s essential to be clear what we are looking for with our site, this way you avoid confusing the user in what to do and not lose their attention, or let them have a bad experience.

2. Write for your users

The way we read has changed a lot because of the internet. Now most people scan the text for information relevant to them. What they look for in the structure are highlighted titles, subtitles, and words to guide them through the content and avoid reading large blocks of words.

Is essential to consider the way they interact with the text, making it striking, simple, clear and to the point. Create bullets, underline texts, vary in font sizes, highlight words and don’t be scared to use links, to grab the attention of the user. Learn to use hierarchy to pinpoint what is essential for the user to know. Additionally, you must adapt the way you will communicate with your users according to their profile.

3. Create moving visuals

Remember, you have to capture people’s attention in half a second. Good visuals will help you achieve the goal you are looking for. The human being has a tendency to look for aesthetic sites rather than a monotonous one, so it is vital to choose colors and images that capture the attention of any user.

Therefore, fonts, color palettes, negative space icons and a clear hierarchy are design elements that can definitely push your site to become more attractive. Create a design that is made in an effective and attractive way.

4. Measure your loading time

People expect instant gratification when using something, that is, people, if they see your website take too long to load, will abandon that search and head elsewhere.

The speed of loading also affects the position where your site will appear when searching for information. It’s essential to look for solutions to streamline your page, either by improving your page code or looking for ways to shorten the pages it redirects to.

5. Mobile design is essential

According to Adobe, 8 out of 10 users won’t use a site if they don’t have a version that is mobile-friendly. Currently it’s much more common to access pages from a phone, in fact, according to Statista, mobile traffic makes up 50% of all web traffic. UX/UI design must be thought for people who use the mobile version and make the right adaptations.

There are two options to this approach, making your site responsive or adaptive. The first is an adequacy of your site for the mobile and the second is basically to build a different website. It’s important to determine what will work best for your project.

Elaniin in web design

We know that it is overwhelming the amount of modifications you have to make if your website doesn’t have all these features, or if you want to start a website now you have to take into account everything we have mentioned.

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