5 ways to increase your income as a programmer2 min read

10 diciembre, 2020 2 min read
Adrián Gómez


5 ways to increase your income as a programmer2 min read

A programmer's talent could be applied in many areas. Any resources and time invested in learning how to write code may get you good earnings. Learn 5 ways you can pursue to make more money as a software developer:

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Programmers contests

There are many contests with cash prizes to send your work to and compete on a world’s level. Show your skills and position yourself among the best. A great way to find out more about it, is to become part of communities all over the world. They’re pretty big depending on the programming language you choose and they often make contests.

Write about what you love

Part of what makes programming unique is that it is a shareable knowledge and not strictly tied to a college degree. We are part of a global community that innovates and creates every day.

Any kind of knowledge you have, can be written on a blog so other developers in the search of such content may access it. Create valuable content to expand your readers knowledge. Target them with keywords that you know will impact them and that you have extensive knowledge about.

Keep your blog updated and be careful with your SEO. You can sell access to more complex information or run display ads. Advertising shouldn’t be invasive and it shouldn’t affect the quality of your content.

Make videos!

If you don’t like writing but you consider yourself a good mentor, make videos about programming. Have in mind the quality of your videos, try to invest in a good microphone and/or camera if you are going to film yourself.

Remember to be inclusive, have subtitles available to those that are hearing impaired or speak a different language than yours. You can monetize your videos on a YouTube channel or create a special channel to those that pay for your content. Consider paying for video, monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Work as a freelancer

Freelancing allows you to choose your own projects according to your abilities and your time.The challenge is to have an equilibrium between your fixed costs and your price to ask.

We highly recommend making a detailed list of all of your costs such as internet, equipment, electricity and the possibility to hire other freelancers so you finish your projects on time.

Make a podcast

A podcast could be an alternative or the complement of a video. Take your time to make a script on your talking points. Invest in a microphone and have in mind guests to help you expand your topics. To make it profitable, monetize it through your chosen platform, have sponsors or pay per listen content, similar to the video section.

It’s always great to make a side income while you work on a full time job, as a programmer it might be challenging but you can learn a lot from it and you can also gain more knowledge. Never stop chasing your dreams. With all the opportunities that we have nowdays, you can always get better!