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6 elements to consider when choosing a tech stack3 min read

16 octubre, 2020 2 min read
César Ramírez


6 elements to consider when choosing a tech stack3 min read

A tech stack is a set of technologies used to build a web or mobile application. A combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, software, and tools used by its developers.

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Choosing the most suitable tech stack for your new project, affects the performance of your website and/or app and changes the experience of the users interacting with it.

If you’re a startup that has in its goals to test your business as soon as possible, you’ll use different tools and technologies than an enterprise scaling up an existing solution that serves several users.

1) The main one: What does you project actually need?

First thing first: you’ve got to keep in mind the complexity and size of your project. In other words determine your product market fit.  According to the size of each project, you’ll have to make the decisions to use certain technologies, so they fulfill your project needs.

One may look for guidance in other development projects.  Remember that not every technology works the same with each project. 

Establish your goals and  implement the best tools for the features you want to install.

2) Time

Perhaps you need the project to be developed as soon as possible. This is why choosing worked solutions or Time is always an important variable. Building up a combination of great and easy to adapt technologies can help you reduce the development time of your app or website, without all the extra work that a complete new set would need.

3) Scalability

Scaling is about technology, how fast you can change/improve/modify features and how quick you can bring new people into your organization to enable growth. 

It is very important to choose a tech stack that enables these changes to be done easily. 

The choice of technology determines the potential of scalability.

4) Keep your budget in mind

While developing the project, you need to consider: your team, their skills, and your area of expertise. Choosing a stack that your developers aren’t experienced in, would doom the need to hire third-party developers. This might increase costs. 

A golden rule when making a decision on a web development stack, is to sit with your team, know what they consider appropriate and then end up on a sound decision. 

Always listen to your team before making any changes and/or important decisions related to the workflow they normally have.

5) Security

Always keep in mind of what will work best to keep your users data safe.  Be beyond 100% sure that all information and personal data is safe.

Always choose technologies that offer only the highest levels of security.

6) Maintenance

Building is only part of the job.  Your team must be qualified to maintain your application optimized and stay up to date with actualizations.

Make sure your tech stack is a team that can handle your development in any phase: From building to maintaining it.

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