The room full of great ideas3 min read

10 agosto, 2020 3 min read
Carla Alvarenga


The room full of great ideas3 min read

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Web development: our first step

Our story as a technology company begins with a small spark in web development. Adrián Gómez, our CEO, at age 15 noticed that the gamer community in El Salvador was strong and latent. It was the main reason that motivated him to create a site. One, where all video game lovers could coexist, the name? «Callejón de los videojuegos».

So, with his computer, lots of practice and dreams, he grew the site. It gained popularity among gamers and became one of the most popular gaming websites at the time. It even gained recognition for being the most visited in El Salvador. His development skills had allowed him to grow the experience of his website.

Adrian lived for a time in Panama, where, still inspired by the tech world, tried to absorb as much as possible about it. He met people who elevated him, inspired and animated him, people who marked his life. Those three words resonated with Adrian: elevate, encourage and inspire.

Motivated by his experiences and by the people who were in his life, the idea begins to emerge in our CEO. Web development had become part of her life and she wanted to do more with it. In addition, creating websites was something he was passionate about and saw a future in doing it. This is the moment when our Tech Company was born.

Inicios Elaniin

Why Elaniin?
The words elevate, encourage and inspire were engraved in Adrian’s mind, so much so that he decided to unite the first parts of the word in spanish to form: Elaniin. We, like other Tech companies, started in a small garage of a house, were three guys passionate with programming and with extraordinary plans. They created websites with the passion and dedication that still characterizes us.

Together they managed, with all their united efforts, to create something new. They wanted to make a big impact and they knew that with everything they had learned in programming, and the desire to continue learning, they would succeed.

Our first logos
However, the Tech Company was not yet what we know. His early logos, inspired by Iron Man’s armor, are now a sign of the desire to innovate and break through schemes in the digital world.

Primeros logos Elaniin

More about us

Those were our beginnings, a couple of young programmers filled with great ideas in a small room. On the one hand, they wanted to improve web development and on the other they wanted to discover the potential that the new world of the internet offered them, it was their goal.

Ideas didn’t stop there. They discovered a whole world of possibilities and added the creation of digital strategies to their services. A team of four people working in a small room, small desks and using whatever equipment they had at hand. The important thing for them was to make their ideas known.

This is just one part of our story, there’s still more to tell. We are proud of the challenges we have overcome and the steps we have taken. Many talented people are accompanying us in this growth process and we hope to continue to do so, to make our mark on the world of technological innovation.

Want to work with a Tech Company full of passionate people? Contact us at hello@elaniin.com