Our Dev Week was a total success! Thanks to our developers, experts, and over 150 attendees, we elevated the tech industry to another level.

Adrián Gómez, CEO at Elaniin, kick-started our magnificent event by sharing three principles for succeeding in the tech industry: Attitude, Passion, and Knowledge.

Attitude: Eliminate the concept of "I can't," and believe in yourself. By doing it, you will be able to achieve the most meaningful goals.

Passion: For creating quality products, there must be passion. Passion is the only thing that drives you to take your projects above.

Knowledge: You must have the desire to learn more every day. It requires time and dedication. Information is on the internet. You must use it correctly and decide how to invest your time and thus generate an impact on your career.

"Creating User-Centered Products"

Luis Pinto, Head of product design at Mercandú, started our pathway by presenting our first keynote: "Creating user- center products." Thanks to his extensive knowledge and six years of experience creating dozens of projects, Pinto detailed in a straightforward manner how to build user-centric products from a development perspective.

Pinto explained the difference between the UI KIT and the Design System. “The UI KIT is experimental and amateur. On the other hand, the design system takes into account the documentation and rules of use,” he said. He also detailed the components that make up the design systems.

He concluded his keynote by stating that the basis of a good product will always be to think about the user. "We design for humans," he pointed out and concluded his participation by quoting Maya Angelou. "People will forget what you said, what you did... but never forget what you made them feel."

"To infinity and beyond! Scaling with AWS and Kubernetes"

Our second keynote was presented by Juan Trejo, an AWS expert with more than 12 years of experience and a member of the Cloud-native computer foundation of El Salvador; he inspired us with his keynote "To infinitive & beyond!- Scaling with AWS and Kubernetes."

Trejo began his presentation by explaining scalability, emphasizing that it has become an unconditional and vitally important element in most of today's systems.

"Kubernetes is a portable and extensible open source platform for managing workloads and services. It has a large and rapidly growing ecosystem," he explained. He later detailed that Kubernetes has proven to assemble any type of project, almost capable of running the system of any nature.

Finally, he detailed the advantages of AWS, and among them are: provisioning and configuration, updating, security, and networking.

"Innovating  from Latin America"

During our Dev Week, we also had a talk: "Innovating from Latin America" with our Chief Strategy Officer, Roberto Bonilla as moderator, Christian Quiñones Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Innogen Capital Ventures and President of Agroindustries and Investments, Juan David Hernández, Founder and General Director of DiiMO and Wilson Cornejo, Leader of Innovation and User Experience of Banco Cuscatlán.

The synergy of knowledge in this discussion was spectacular. All panelists agreed that there is tremendous potential in LATAM to innovate. They shared a bit about their experiences, and on the subject of startups, they ensured that the first step is to dare to undertake and start. They clarified that it is not only about becoming a unicorn company but also about the growth process.

They emphasized that innovation is progressive and often works by trial and error and a process that requires time. They invited all participants to find something they are passionate about and to bet on it.

"Innovating from Latin America" Talk

"From Startups to Scale ups"

In addition, to close on a high note, Sergio Vela, CTO at HealthCare.com and expert with more than 18 years of experience building and scaling startups in various industries in the United States and Latin America, shared some of his experience in this field.

The knowledge that Sergio shared was enriching and broad. He detailed his journey creating startups since the early 2000s. How they adapted and evolved, forced by the political and economic situation in the EE.UU. He moved from a health insurance startup to a vehicle sales company. Our audience was amazed by his ability to evolve in the market.

He also highlighted learning points in his career: hiring generalists in the early stage and looking for talent even where you don't expect to find it. Adapt to change and operate as if it was day one. Always!

Undoubtedly, all the keynotes and talks were impressive, and the knowledge was not only inspiring but also motivated us to keep opening more spaces like this to the Developer community and tech world! A space for them to keep learning new incredible things, meeting more talented people in the industry, and also allowing them to share and connect through their experiences within the tech world!

Dev Week ’22 was a success thanks to all the attendees who made it possible! Thanks to their support the whole week’s events were a hit and reached so many talented people who wanted to learn more about the Dev world!

Dev Week ’23 is already in the works, and believe us when we tell you it’s gonna be an even greater event for our community! Next year Dev Week will boost the code to a whole new level! We’re bringing more conferences filled with rich information, more outstanding speakers to share their talents and advice with all of you and next level content, not to mention all the amazing surprises for the Dev Community!

Get ready because Dev Week 2023 is going to be one of the biggest tech conferences in the Region!

Are you ready to boost the code?