Life's a climb, but the view is impressive. Yes, it sounds like a cliché that people say to romanticize the challenges they encounter in their lives, no matter if it is personal, economic, or professional. Still, every challenge I have faced has represented an opportunity to prove what I can do.

I firmly believe in the potential people have to achieve their goals and that many times they do not reach them because they self-sabotage themselves thinking that they are incapable or maybe inferior to others.

I have a university degree in Computer Systems Engineering. I remember that before I decided to enroll in that career, I hesitated a lot for many reasons, mostly because I had no idea what I was getting into; I was just a little kid who "liked computers and puzzles," and I knew I wanted to follow that path. Still, I had no idea what a programming language was or what a developer did. What I did have was a "crazy" momma bear who never hesitated to support me and motivate me to follow my path in what I liked.

And so I started my path in Tech; at the beginning, I felt that I could not do it and that I had made the worst decision, that I should have chosen another career for which I had the talent but that I was not passionate about in the least, it was not until mid-career that I took a subject with which I instantly had a "click"; programming for mobile devices, to see on a cell phone my first application, a simple calculator, motivated me to find out more about the programming languages Android/Java and the one that at that time became the code language that I loved from the beginning, Objective-C.

A year later, I started my professional career in a small company that gave me the resources to begin forming my professional experience in the language I loved. That, as technology progressed, motivated me to keep learning and updating my knowledge day by day.

Not everything has been rosy; there have been many sleepless nights because the code did not work for me or because there was a bug that had to be solved as soon as possible, days when I made a mistake and, naturally, I received negative feedback that, although deserved, I did not like, or merely nights in which the imposter syndrome tormented me with thoughts full of fear for not living up to what I thought people expected from someone with my knowledge.

If I had the opportunity to travel back in time and talk to little Gaby with doubts about whether this career was for her, I would tell her to prepare herself for one of the best adventures of her life, which will allow her to repay the support of her family and also permit her to fulfill her dreams and goals gradually.

As a woman in Tech, I feel I have a responsibility to motivate girls and women who are curious about entering this industry, to prepare themselves to start an adventure that will definitely change their lives, there will be people who will try to sabotage them and take away the recognition they deserve but if they focus on their goals and do not let those obstacles stop them, the day will come where you get to where you want to be you will know that it was you and the people who love and support you who put you there and that, will be the best feeling in the world.