At Elaniin, we're overjoyed and honored by the recognition we've received from the Estrategia & Negocio’s survey “Reputation in Central America: The Value of Trust”. We're not just in the top 10 of the region's most trusted businesses; we're sitting proudly as the No. 1 most highly trusted business in in El Salvador.

This recognition isn't just a testament to our commitment to our clients or the outstanding workplace our CEO and culture team strives to provide for our collaborators. It's a mark of how far we've come, of the trust we've earned, and the reputation we've built far beyond our company walls.

Elaniin is recognized as the number 1 most trusted company in El Salvador and the number 6 most trusted company in Central America by Estrategia y Negocio Magazine

Our remarkable achievements and high-quality results are not a one-person act. They derive from the exceptional team that stands unwaveringly behind our company and, significantly, from the inspiring leadership of our CEO, Adrián Gómez. His leadership approach is the one that sculpts our legacy grounded in transparency, and this is his promise to clients and team members alike.

His efforts have not gone unnoticed, as he was also recognized by the prestigious magazine as the second most highly trusted business leader in El Salvador, and amongst the top 10 most highly trusted business leaders in Central America.

Elaniin's CEO, Adrián Goméz is recognized as the number 2 most trusted company leader in El Salvador and the number 9 most trusted company leader in Central America by Estrategia y Negocio Magazine

Thanks to the result of our efforts, Elaniin is perceived as a trustworthy company, mainly due to our work ethic, innovation, transparency, and commitment. In fact, "Transparency" is the most mentioned attribute in the survey, a quality we take great pride in.

As leaders in our sector, these qualities truly define us, and we couldn't be more proud to stand by them.

About the E&N “Reputation in Central America: The Value of Trust” Survey

The "Reputation in Central America: The Value of Trust" survey, which ran from March to May this year, garnered 1,600 responses across the region. It caught the attention of managerial leaders, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and the magazine’s audiences across the six Central American countries.

So, what's Business Trust all about? The magazine hits the nail on the head, describing it as a priceless intangible asset that can be a game-changer in a company's long-term success. It's one of the pillars supporting the construction of a positive reputation. It's all about the credibility an organization builds with its audiences—showing integrity, upholding ethics, meeting commitments, and ensuring consistency between what is planned, what is said, and what is done.

A graphic that quantifies the most valued attributes in high-trist company leaders and companies, according to the E&N survey "Reputation in Central America: The value of trust".

This survey delves deeper into the concept of trust, emphasizing its integral role in shaping a person's, an organization's, or a brand's reputation. Trust, along with admiration and respect, is tightly intertwined and plays a significant role in influencing how individuals or entities are perceived.

The survey findings highlight specific attributes that foster trust in companies on a regional level, including solidity, support, stability, quality, trajectory, and service. On the other hand, Central American entrepreneurs cultivate trust through attributes like vision, leadership, social contributions, results, growth, honesty, and their commitment to their collaborators.

The results of this survey ultimately revolve around the factors that instigate trust, focusing on “What” triggers it, “how” it's nurtured, and “for whom” it is established. The survey underscores the notion that trust is earned not merely through words but primarily through actions, emphasizing the "why" behind why companies and leaders are trusted.

Companies that are considered trustworthy exhibit stability and expertise. This is largely due to their ability to continuously improve and evolve, simultaneously maintaining their standard of quality while also fostering innovation.
- E&N Magazine

At Elaniin, we are profoundly grateful for this extraordinary recognition and the trust placed in us. It stands as a powerful endorsement of our steadfast commitment to transparency, integrity, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. While we take immense pride in this achievement, we are more determined than ever to strengthen the trust that our esteemed clients, collaborators, and regional audiences have placed in us.