To be great, greater and the greatest always.

What does it mean to be certified as GPTW?

The Great Place To Work recognition is very important to us because it is a certification that we receive based on the results of surveys carried out specifically with our collaborators where they share their opinions and experiences about working at Elaniin.

This award is a tool that allows us to better understand, grow and analyze what our company employees say and feel, it works as a filter that allows us to take actions based on what our employees say.

How can a company reinvent itself to continue motivating its employees? That's a challenge that Elaniin has taken on with great responsibility and empathy since the very beginning, because thanks to our employees we have achieved it again, we have been recognized as a "Great Place To Work".

Receiving this award means a lot to us because it does not make us think that we have to maintain what we already have, on the contrary, it makes us want to reinvent ourselves every year to improve the satisfaction of our employees, make work a place full of learning and growth, both personally and professionally in our community. The goal for us is to keep improving, to keep looking to be the best version of our best version, never to settle for comfort. Do everything we can do for our people, because they deserve that, they deserve to be in a place that always seeks to be the best for them.

About the process

Every year we intend to grow and become better and the root of our motivation is our collaborators, since our first award 3 years ago we have made 97% of our collaborators feel proud to be part of and be in Elaniin compared to 85% in 2019.

In 2021 we were positioned as the 18th best place to work in Central America and in El Salvador, we are in the 6th position. A great difference compared to the year 2020 where at the Central American level we had the 30th position and at the national level in the 12th. This is only proof that every time everything improves around our collaborators.

The trust index model measures the “Employee Experience” with respect to 15 dimensions. Elaniin has improved so much every year and 2021 was no exception with a growth of 13.25%.

Our focus

At Elaniin we understand and encourage the balance of work and personal life. Therefore, in 2021 we focused on the mental and emotional health of our people and we fostered a sense of belonging. We strengthen our flexible schedule options, wellness programs for strengthening mental health; increased training for leaders, through certification and continuous learning sessions, and workshops.

Facts and numbers speak for us

To measure progress and growth we have to be in constant communication with all our collaborators and with our employees; it is their opinion that helps us to continue improving and also start to see things from a different perspective. So we'll let the numbers and their opinions speak for us:

We asked our promoters if they would recommend their friends or acquaintances to work here at this organization?

  • 89% of promoters said yes; this number increased 9% over the previous year.

These are some of our collaborators and employees, opinions we can highlight:

  • Professional development opportunities are highlighted, including: training, courses, certifications, study plans, and the challenges of daily work. Opening the training and development department has been a success.
  • The culture, work environment and benefits. All the efforts of the activities and the little details have paid off.
  • Its leaders stand out; it is easy to access and has communication with senior and middle managers. Without a doubt, working as a capable team has been great. In addition, his a spirit and young vibe.
  • Remote work and flexible hours are highlighted. It has been of great value to the company and the collaborators.
  • The camaraderie stands out. Even virtually, the staff has managed to develop friendships and relationships.

We owe it to our people

There is a saying that may sound a bit cliché, but it says "it's not the place, it's the person". We want to thank and recognize each of our employees, collaborators, talents, interns, etc. because they are the greatest motivation we have since they are the engine that continues to drive the company and we keep in mind every day that the effort, dedication, and love they have for Elaniin is reflected in each project and result. We can say that it is not necessarily the place; the credit for this recognition is almost entirely thanks to our people. Without them, the place and the company that we have managed to build over the years would not exist.

This 2022, it's gonna be even better for us!

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