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Elaniin Recognizes Team Effort2 min read

15 abril, 2020 2 min read
Adrián Gómez


Elaniin Recognizes Team Effort2 min read

No matter where in the world you go, it’s clear that small businesses are the backbone of every community. Not only in the way that they significantly contribute to local and larger economies, but also in their ability to foster and facilitate a community identity.

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Now more than ever, it’s important that our communities give back to the small businesses that have provided for them over the years, making sure that, at the end of these uncertain times, these businesses remain standing.

Elaniin is fortunate to have an awesome team of diligent individuals, and we want to continue to acknowledge their hard work while encouraging other businesses to do the same. One way you can do this is by using Clutch, a reliable B2B ratings and reviews platform located in Washington, DC. Clutch is a free online database that lists service providers across various industries, and we are proud to be featured among other nearshore developers on this platform. 

We, as a tech company, know how difficult it can be to stand out in a crowded market like ours, and we also know that it’s even more challenging for small businesses to do the same. That’s where Clutch comes in. By collecting reviews for the different service providers listed on the platform, the team at Clutch is able to not only recognize the hard work of the internal team, but also to help small businesses strive for continuous improvement, compete in saturated markets, and promote themselves through the feedback and ratings from client reviews. 


Over the last six years, we’ve done our part to support small businesses by providing them with the best staff augmentation and development services they could ask for. We’re a highly-experienced nearshore development company with a superb team of experts without whose efforts we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We truly appreciate our team here at Elaniin, and we also appreciate our clients for their continued support, especially during this time of drastic change. As we continue to grow, we will keep extending our services to support your business in any way we can. If you’re looking for a partner for your next tech-related project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s talk!