53 years ago two men changed the course of history by becoming the first ones who stepped foot on our earth's natural satellite. Commander Neil Armstrong and Pilot Buzz Aldrin were the final result of an exhausting and ambitious project carried out by almost 400,000 engineers, scientists and technicians.. a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.  

At Elaniin, we are aiming for the moon and we know that achieving goals, milestones and dreams is often seen as a one man job but our philosophy is to challenge the old ways!

ELEVATING your team might be a simple matter of situational awareness; Who are you? Where are you? And how will you get there? are often the questions that pop in our heads whenever we start a new project. Fully understanding what moves your team should be your fuel, materializing their ideas and ambitions, your wings.  

ENCOURAGING and advancing our teams with bright and profound ideas is what we are here for; proposing changes and implementing them with the utmost attention to detail and highest quality standards is the core of our business.

INSPIRING our teams is our secret recipe, we carry ourselves out with the urge and most importantly, the desire and ability to create and make their ideas tangible.  

Success is an entire journey, there are no shortcuts..  it is only a matter of getting the work done and while you’re at it becoming a better version of yourself.

So, how do we get our combustion to happen? Simple!

Hiring the right talent!: Each of us is one of a kind and our team is packed with experts who excel at determining what profile fits best! We value knowledge and hand pick our future collaborators based on their potential!

Constant Development!: Since each of us is unique we want to make sure everybody gets to share their knowledge!  From Soft skills to a new Tech Stack, we're proud to say that within Elaniin you’ll always learn something new.

“We aim to have the strongest business presence, efficiency, quality and agility across the region” and we plan on doing this by demonstrating:

Passion: How we materialize our emotions and convert them into strong ideas of improvement is what allows us to connect with our clients and staff.

Authenticity: We remain truthful to our business partners, we focus on our personality and values, our spirit is unbreakable, regardless of the pressure that we are under.

Excellence:  We are virtuous at what we do! We aim to be positive influencers, while being empathetic individuals and excellent human beings.

Transparency: We take pride in being honest, straight up, and never hiding who we really are, we make sure we disclose information, provide feedback and stay professional.

Constant Growth: We aim to achieve the same level of success all the time. We take on new challenges with a smile on our face and are willing to walk the walk.

Reflecting on what you just read, It is only fair to say that teamwork makes the dream work and that only through a collective effort and a shared vision, we can achieve our goals and explore the next frontier, our culture is what drives us to outperform ourselves in every step of the way, we are obsessed with our goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success.