In November, Elaniin had the incredible opportunity to participate in the esteemed JSConf Colombia 2023 in Medellin. Three of our talented developers joined forces to immerse themselves in this transformative experience, where they encountered a vibrant international crowd united by their passion for technology. From diverse cultural exchanges to dynamic discussions on a range of topics, this conference offered a tapestry of knowledge and inspiration that left a lasting impact.

"JSConf Colombia this year was an incredible experience for me, including the entire trip to Colombia, sharing this experience with my colleagues, the warmth of the people at the conference, everything. From the first moment of the conference, it felt special. There was a sense of nostalgia and joy in the air, and above all, a thirst and hunger for knowledge. The presentations were very entertaining and informative. Undoubtedly, an unforgettable experience that I am very grateful to have been included in."

Pedro Gómez, Frontend developer, JSConf attendee

JSConf Colombia 2023 showcased an exceptional lineup of 25 speakers representing diverse backgrounds in the tech industry. Esteemed experts from Google, successful Colombian professionals making waves globally, and even Guillermo Rauch, the CEO of Vercel, took the stage to share their invaluable expertise and unique perspectives. Their insights ignited a spark within our team members, offering fresh ideas on incorporating new tools into projects and providing inspiration to drive innovation.

The conference not only provided a platform for knowledge exchange but also highlighted how technology unlocks new paths to creativity and innovation. Engaging in live coding sessions and mind-bending demonstrations of augmented reality showcased the boundless possibilities that technology has to offer.

"What resonated deeply for me, was the inclusivity of the event. Rina Plata's presentation on her journey as a Wayuu programmer highlighted the far-reaching impact of technology on diverse communities. It reinforced the importance of creating an inclusive environment within the tech industry."

– Jasson López, Lead Full-stack engineer, JSConf attendee

At Elaniin, we firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusivity. JSConf Colombia 2023 exemplified this belief by fostering an inclusive environment that welcomed individuals from all backgrounds. The impact of technology on diverse communities was underscored by Rina Plata's closing keynote, "Mi Experiencia Como Programadora Wayuu en la Industria de la Tecnología," emphasizing the importance of events that support and nurture developers, regardless of their experience level. By embracing diversity, we foster an atmosphere of innovation and growth.

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Elaniin's team at JSConf Colombia 2023
Elaniin's team at JSConf Colombia 2023

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