How to ace your job interview with a Tech Company3 min read

4 noviembre, 2020 2 min read

How to ace your job interview with a Tech Company3 min read

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Landing the job interview is sometimes harder than landing the actual job; so congratulations if you got the interview, you already reached the first step.

Technological companies have different yet similar recruitment processes. Therefore, I can help you with some preparation tips. Preparation is key to build confidence for your interview which will lessen anxiety and boost assurance in your skills.

1. Do your research

Know about the company you’ve applied to. The first interview is usually to know about your professional background and experiences, your skills and, most importantly, your cultural fit to the company.

Though you might have the perfect resume, coding and programming skills, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile, if you don’t align with the company’s culture and your soft skills have not been developed, you will not make it to the next stage. Make the interviewer feel like you belong in their company and that you will adapt in a timely manner.

If you have any questions prior to the interview regarding the recruitment process, how long it usually takes, and who conducts the interview, feel free to ask them. Get familiar and get prepared.

2. Be familiar with the job description

Most companies post the job description so you know what they’re expecting and for you to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of the role. Be prepared to answer questions about the technologies they expect you to work with. If you’re not up to date with certain programs, make sure you research them and get familiarized.

3. Don’t underestimate the HR Recruiter

In many tech companies, a Human Resources Representative conducts the first interview, and many candidates make the mistake of assuming he does not have a solid understanding of technologies.

Though he might not be a developer, he is an IT Recruiter who knows and understands what you’re talking about; therefore, lying about your skills on the first interview will not help you reach the next step. Also, the technical test and interview will expose your skills.

4. Don’t be scared of the typical “tell me about yourself” question

Tech companies candidates are not exempt of this question, and as everybody else, they are scared of it. I know that describing yourself has its difficulties, but you need to remember that the interviewer is not expecting your life story, your secrets or intimate information about yourself.

This common yet tricky question can be answered with your professional goals, the different departments and positions you have collaborated with in the past, your abilities as a team player, and, additional knowledge and skills you may have.

5. Don’t panic

As in every other aspect of life, you can’t be fully prepared for everything. If you’re overwhelmed by a question, whether it’s technical or not, and you’re not able to answer quickly, don’t panic and don’t feel discouraged.

Technology companies are well known for constantly changing and having challenging situations; that is why the interviewer is likely trying to get an idea of how you might react and approach a difficult situation. You can combine your problem solving and soft skills to answer the question.

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