Let's Inspire with the written word this time! Throughout these 7 years, we have inspired many people and projects. We have learned from each experience, and each project has inspired us to do better. Now we’re ready for a new beginning, with more amazing experiences. And we want to share all that you can do in a Great Place to work

We have inspired more than 200 boosters.  Now our family is bigger than before the pandemic. Nothing can stop us from growing, no matter where we are.

We are so glad to have more internal projects coming and to see them come through all to the benefit and growth of our Boosters. A new season that brings more benefits and perks for them, new swag, and one that we've all been waiting for, the Elaniin App! We also have a new Trainee Program on the way to help new or aspiring devs discover and display their real talent.

And another project we've had in the making for quite a long time is our blog, the Elaniin Blog!  

This blog will be written by our Boosters for our Boosters (also for the general public) they've come with great ideas on subjects that devs should know, or tips to make a work environment better, this will become a space for our teams to show that they are not just really good at their jobs, they are proficient writers as well!

From Tech content to the ingredients of a successful Work Culture and incredible news within Elaniin, all this content will be on our blog so you can start learning all about these topics from the point of view of our own team members.

Part of our daily motto is to keep inspiring, not only within our company but try to have an impact on the industry, bit by bit, and we think that our blog will become a fundamental part to achieve this goal.

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