I used to listen to declarations from professors of my Commercial Engineering career "Many existing computer programs will solve and facilitate your job in the future" Besides intriguing me, It made me curious about the people who developed those programs. Could I build and improve those programs to help me in my future career?

My curiosity increased, and that one thought fed my interest to look at the "other side" of the coin. With many doubts in my head, I decided to apply for a scholarship in Computer Systems Engineering. After all, if I didn't receive it, I could keep studying my current career which was still related to my interests, and through my course, I could find other opportunities that would bring me closer to my passions.

The fear of rejection carried me over, I was making a significant change. A few months after the scholarship test, I received the so-awaited call of admission. I was relieved and thrilled, but leaving my comfort zone was scary and brought many intrusive thoughts to my head.

Looking back at it, I can now say — after nine years since I made the big jump into tech — I found my place. Every bit of knowledge I have cultivated led me to deepen my universe in this field.

It has been challenging with ups and downs and moments where I had to ask myself, Did I make the right choice? I  often heard my classmates' comments or jokes about dropping out or changing careers whenever challenges arose — problems began to take more time and more tries to solve them.

Surrounding myself with the right group of people certainly marked a difference. I realize now, they were my first team with whom our combined skills helped us achieve a common goal. We gave emotional support to each other whenever we felt overwhelmed or past our limits and encouraged each other to go a step further.

After my College experience, I rapidly satisfied my thirst for growth when Elaniin recruiters reached out. I was looking to expand my horizons and felt this opportunity gave me the same feelings of fearfulness and excitement I had when I started my studies in tech. Since that moment, I can now confirm that following that little burst of curiosity will always be the right choice.

Moving from my comfort zones, taking a chance and following my passions, looking for new challenges, overcoming fear of failure, keeping the focus on my goal, and being patient and persevering in the process are all learning lessons that, at the time, I didn't know were useful, but that now I celebrate.

Without a doubt, the world of technology will always be challenging and we must ask ourselves if we want to face them with the awareness that constant learning and preparation are necessary. Having a visualization of where we want to be and keeping ourselves accountable for our efforts toward our goal will lead us far but keep in mind that there is always room for adjustments when needed.  

Remember, take a moment to stop and reflect on the big picture, see if where you are standing is where you want to be, and if areas of improvement exist. Finally, don't forget to look at all your achievements and celebrate them before moving forward to your destination.