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Processes that your company needs to upgrade4 min read

4 febrero, 2020 3 min read
Carla Alvarenga


Processes that your company needs to upgrade4 min read

If your company was founded in 2010, that means that it has at least TEN years in the business. This shouldn't scare you, it means that you're doing something right, either by providing products that have a high demand for your clients or services that satisfy a specific need.

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Old processes: Why should your company make an update?

Something that frequently happens with companies that have a certain amount of time in the business, is that they get used to methods that they have been working on since the beginning. Even though their workforce grows and departments are being created, there aren’t any significant changes in their everyday processes. Likewise, the systems used to make decisions, the registry of the products, the methods of distribution and the delivery schedules, they all maintain static.

It’s worrying when big and very profitable companies don’t update their main functioning systems, mainly because the outside world is conditioned to technological, digital and cultural changes all the time. But, do you know the processes that you should already have automatized in your company to ensure its functioning for ten more years? If you don’t have any idea, we’ve prepared a special blog just for you.

What processes should be automatized in your company?

The tendency to keep companies updated in any of its processes it’s by integrating an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). It’s worth mentioning that these systems are very useful and they´ll come in hand in many inside operations of your company: from production to distribution or even in the human resources department.

According to a study made by The Panorama Consulting, companies choose an ERP system to increase their productivity and 40% of them accomplish that goal.

The processes that are implemented by an ERP are not only for a certain type of company. There are programs, designed specifically for industries like: logistics corporations, the hospitality industry, the textile industry and more. Nonetheless, it must be established that the systems are adequate for every type of business, from a multinational corporation to a SMEs. Furthermore, thanks to the different personalized modules, any company, no matter the different processes that it has or the business area that it belongs to, it’s able to personalize it’s own ERP.


The processes destined to be automatized should be related to the following scenarios:

  • Update your hardware and software: it means that if you have been using the same technological equipment for at least 5 years (computers, TVs, specialized software, etc.), you should examine the idea of updating them and finding out if there’s an alternative that covers more necessities with less equipment. At the same time, we recommend scheduled maintenance with your technology tools. 
  • Study every process that exist within the company: from employee selection processes, logistics, weekly, monthly and annual planning for goals, performance reports, follow up of reports that have been effective in sales, etc. If your answer is that you don’t know how this things happen or that “everything just flows”, it’s recommended to establish an acquisition of an ERP system as soon as possible, because any earning loss could be around the corner. Remember, the best way to know how to be productive is by knowing the problems that are occurring right now.
  • Errors resolution: if your company isn’t giving the proper follow up to a failure of any kind, this could be translated to financial losses that could pass unnoticed until it’s too late. It’s ideal to have plans and workflows that suggest how to proceed with the objective of resolving the problem whether its an internal problem or with the clients and customers.
  • Inventory reduction: Some companies don’t notice it, but by having an excess of products they think that eventually someone will buy it, but in reality this is a financial loss. To prevent this kind of problems, a system must be implemented to predict with high accuracy the expected demand in a monthly and annual way. This type of predictions are now possible thanks to new technologies. Now you won’t only know how much to invest in a year, you’ll also know what to invest in and how to do it without having any loss.

The importance of automatization processes will make your company more cohesive, organized and effective. For many businessman investing in technologies that can predict the behavior of the market and that can also indicate the correct flow according to each area (HR, logistics, distribution, etc.), are the key of their financial success. At the end of the day is not about an unnecessary expense, but a tool that will make your brand to stand out and reduce its costs.

To integrate these systems you need to have a team of experts in integrations of this kind. Another great option is finding capable people to develop a system that can adapt completely to the needs of your company. In Elaniin we have a broad experience developing systems that help companies of many kind, to be effective and to be on the same level of their clients and the international market.


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