We are Officially Partners for the Startup Grind Global Conference!2 min read

30 enero, 2019 2 min read
Carla Alvarenga


We are Officially Partners for the Startup Grind Global Conference!2 min read

In Elaniin we are very involved with the start-up culture, mostly with the ones that focus in the tech world or the ones that work with digital marketing. The reason behind this, is that we know first-hand how hard is to grow as a tech company. Long before we became one of the biggest tech companies in our country, Elaniin started with three people coding in a house garage. We used to create websites because we had a genuine love for it (we still have!)

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After five years of Elaniin’s launch to the world, we know that we owe a great part of our growth and development to the people that believed in us from the start. Now, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Startup Grind, their Global Conference will take place at Silicon Valley on February 12.

What does it mean to be Startup Grind Partners?

It’s not our first time as partners of something this big. We are currently Google Partners and members of the Forbes Agency Council.

Startup Grind is one of the largest startup communities in the world. Their Global Conference reunites startups of the tech and digital business from 125 countries connecting more than 1,500,000 entrepreneurs. This global event takes place at Silicon Valley, the home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations, and thousands of startups.

Elaniin is the first Tech Company of El Salvador that holds the title as an official partner of a global tech event!

Becoming partners of global events and brands is one of the first steps to accomplish Elaniin’s ambition to generate more business leads. This will be a huge achievement for us, specially as a company from El Salvador. A country filled with talent and a lot of young people hungry for opportunities.

We have reiterated on countless occasions, our compromise with investing in high-quality equipment, events and brands for the growth of our Digital Boosters. Our goal is to deliver the best results for our clients. We spend a great part of our time and energy so we can actually prove that we are one of the best marketing and software developing agencies.

Just to name a few of the companies that will be partners beside us for the Startup Grind Global Conference: Google, Oracle, FedEx, SendGrid and much more.

One of the advantages to live and work for the tech and digital marketing world is that we get to travel and explore what the competitors do. At the same time, we get out of our comfort zone and also put our brand in the outside for potential clients to see. We want everyone to get to know us more and to achieve worldwide recognition as a reference of a successful company of El Salvador in the tech world with high-quality employees.

Stay tunned! 2019 mark as the year that Elaniin will overcome geographical barriers to develop in all kinds of levels. We will continue elevating and inspiring brands for the digital world.