What is like to work for a Tech Company?4 min read

1 junio, 2019 4 min read
Carla Alvarenga


What is like to work for a Tech Company?4 min read

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A global study conducted by Randstad with over 4,000 members of the Gen Z and millennial generations (people born between 1979-2010) found that they are most interested to work in the tech industry. In this context, El Salvador is no different than any other country. Despite popular belief, the youngest generations from third-world countries are also finding its way to get a job that involves the latests technologies.

Keep reading the blog and find out about our experience, as a young generation working in the tech industry.

A question that we hear very often outside the office is: what is like to work for a tech company? In our case, working for Elaniin (which has become the most popular tech business in El Salvador) is an awesome experience. Being part of a company that launch Apps, websites and is also in charge of creating social media content for corporations, kind of makes you feel important.

Working for a tech company is very unique

Not only you get to choose your working schedule, you can also dress as you wish, get to know interesting people in a friendly environment and work for clients on a global level. You’ll never have to worry about suffering from boredom. Creativity is everywhere. So why should you want to work for a tech company? To answer that we’ve identified three compelling reasons, backed by prominent voices at Elaniin, to inspire hopefuls like you!

1. Tech companies are more innovative in nature

Every aspect of Elaniin involves an innovative system. From our Human Resource Selection Process to our Workflow Method when creating technology products. Everyday, our two main departments in the company (Software Development department and Digital Agency Department) prepare their tasks based in an organized plan made through multi-functional technology devices. By nature, we tend to encourage a culture for operating in more creative ways.

An innovative company is also perceived as attractive because it puts you at the heart of growing something bigger. Elaniin began its operations coding in a house garage in 2013, in a very similar condition as Google, Apple and Amazon did. That sense of being at the inception of things, breeds a sense of ownership and a unique “family” atmosphere that larger organisations often struggle to retain. A great part of talents from our company been working with us since the very beginning. We’re thankful to share with them from struggles to victories since day one.

2. Tech companies give employees a deeper sense of purpose, offer flexibility and work-life balance

Tech companies are all about growing ideas. So, finally your ideas will be heard. Elaniin is very well-known for placing imagination and unorthodox ways of thinking above technical skill. We recognise the value of ideas. All of our marketing campaigns have that little something that makes them stand out above them all. That’s also one of the main reasons of why we help young people on building a career in tech with BitLab.


Software engineers in Silicon Valley also revealed that the work schedules may vary a lot in tech businesses, but in a good way. Flexibility is a big part of tech-related jobs. They said that “the expectation is mostly around getting the job done, not how much time you spend in your seat. The most important thing is to be there for meetings.” This kind of statement is basically what happens at our company.

In Elaniin, our talents get to choose their working hours, something that’s very helpful for the 30% of people at our company that are currently studying for their university degree. They also work from home up to two days per week, increasing productivity and growing a work culture based in trusting eachother. 

According to the same Randstad, since 2016, work flexibility has become a more desired employee benefit than healthcare for Millennials and Gen Z, yet only one-third of companies offer it (34 percent). Giving your team the chance to work on themselves, to figure their careers out and hearing about their ideas is what companies from the tech field are doing to increase productivity.

3. Technology really is the future

The tech world is all about building the next big thing. In most cases you will be engineering exciting solutions and launching “disruptive” technologies for meeting genuine user needs. In return you will be developing your own future too, learning personal lessons from diverse professional challenges and you’ll be part of a group of talented people that is on a mission to solve an important problem that will improve people’s lives.

Overall, working for the tech industry is exciting. By offering more flexibility and fostering a culture of innovation, they make a great environment for all the Gen Z and Millennials looking for a job. If you want to be part of Elaniin – Tech Company, send us your CV via email to: