A company that offers more than just a job.

Along the way every company must question themselves: why would anyone want to work with us? What do we have to offer besides a mere job position and a salary?

Times have changed and people are looking for more than just money from their jobs; it's about stability and a safe space to be able to speak freely and have the chance to collaborate and cooperate with the whole company.

Thankfully, we are living in times where companies have to care for their employees, to see them as people and not just tools. Because if a company is looking for great talent and results, what they offer to these talented people should be just what they are looking to achieve, but trying to build a place to work where your collaborators feel amazing so they can perform ideally to fulfill their job takes some time and a few tries and mistakes to get there!

One of the main goals of Elaniin, besides being a top tech company, is being a people company, where our teams are always valued and heard. We are lucky to have teams not only in one country but all over LATAM and soon the world. The tech industry can be very demanding for the people working for it; so many different trends and tools appear just when you start to get the hang of the last, and although it can be very fun and challenging to work with, it can also bring a lot of stress for any tech company worker.    

And, although it's been a long road to know exactly what we could offer as a company to attract the right people, and of course, we can always improve, but for the time being, we believe we have amazing benefits for our teams to enjoy:

Work from Anywhere.

This gives the opportunity to all the teams to fulfill their duties while being able to travel! This is one of the main proofs of just how much we actually trust our teams to perform their job; there's no need to be anchored to an office, as long as there's an internet connection and a laptop, our Boosters have the right to travel the world and work at the same time.

Elaniin Rewards.

We created the Elaniin App with the purpose of being a useful tool for our Boosters and also, because we love to recognize their great and small achievements, and through this benefit, points are assigned for referring talent, achieving certification, or permanence with us! These points can be exchanged for a wide list of products or services with some of our allies.

Continuing Education.

At Elaniin we believe in the potential that every single one of our Boosters has, and we have a firm belief that we can all grow professionally through education! That's why we seek to continue supporting them as much as we can when it comes to their willingness to keep learning. Therefore, we have created a certification program that allows them to pick any course or certification that will contribute to their professional growth.

Extra Days Off.

The key to a great performance at work is having a healthy balance between our work lives and our personal lives! We believe that this is a valuable opportunity for our teams to spend time with their families or simply with themselves to get disconnected from work and have some quality time to relax.

This way they can recharge and come back refreshed with new ideas for the activities and functions of their position.

Wellbeing Program.

One of our main concerns is the well-being of our Boosters, and that is why we created this program. Every month, Elaniin plans and hires experts to carry out talks and workshops focused mainly on your mental health, financial health, physical health, and personal motivation, among others. The goal of this program is for all of our teams to achieve balance and a healthy lifestyle!

We have many more benefits for our talents, over 15 actually, but these particularly are meant to bring them balance, happiness, and a sense of freedom in their place of work. We have seen just how much these work for our Boosters; we have happy collaborators that perform incredibly well in their jobs and have amazing chemistry with the rest of the teams!

If you want to see more of our benefits in detail visit: jobs.elaniin.com