Why it is essential to invest in education?3 min read

3 julio, 2019 3 min read
Carla Alvarenga


Why it is essential to invest in education?3 min read

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At Elaniin Tech Company, we know that when businesses do well, they do good. That’s why investing in education is a huge part of our principles.

How it all started

Elaniin’s Founder, Adrián Gómez was once a kid with a big dream. Learning to code was all he wanted. Why? Because at the young age of 10, he realized that that’s how videogames were made. He convinced his dad into buying a computer, learned how to code and started a website that was dedicated solely to talk about videogames. It was a huge hit at his school and he became so obsessed with the subject that he actually believed that he could make a career out of it. Now, almost 20 years later he owns a tech company that creates websites, Apps and social media campaigns for businesses from all over the world.

Sadly, in El Salvador, not all kids get the opportunity of education, particularly STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). That´s the reason behind BitLab, a learning center founded by Adrián to bring education to young people in the country. BitLab’s education is centered in coding and digital campaigns, focused in design and start-up development advices to help people to make a career in the tech industry.

Why to invest in education?

The business community understands that their future competitiveness is directly tied to being able to hire and retain an educated workforce. That’s why it’s no surprise that companies are announcing investments in education. That’s been a major problem at Elaniin. Sometimes we can’t fill the positions because there’s not many people that know about the tech industry. We can’t deny that we got an awesome team but as we wish to grow bigger, we need more people to join our team.


What are our plans for the future?

We want people from all over El Salvador to start learning about coding. This way, we will not only help people to get to know about this amazing world, we would also change their life. They will get jobs. At our company and at other corporations. Also, El Salvador is very well know for their entrepreneurs. Specially in the tech industry. There are major businesses that have created apps that have disrupted our country, in a good way. They employ a lot of people and give access to them to grow professionally. A few of the jobs that people learning at BitLab could fill are: Software developers, digital strategist, app developers, entrepreneurs of any kind. Basically, the tech industry it’s so big that they could make any dream possible.

A common problem worldwide is the lack of women and girls involved in the tech industry. At BitLab we hold camps fully for girls. So they get a chance to know about the technology, about coding and how to become programmers. This way, we encourage young women to develop a career in tech field.


Talented people from BitLab are getting jobs and internships

Our goal is to help young people to earn a job. With the help of BitLab they are doing it! In fact, there are three (very talented) young students doing internships at our company. We offer the experience they need to become full time employees. Right now they’re doing great and we hope more people to join our team. There are also other students doing internships in other companies and more girls and young women are choosing to study careers like software engineering and more. These kind of results only show that when corporations invest in education they can get more talented people to work in their companies and to grow the economy in a country like El Salvador.

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