Why you need to have OCR in mind for your business2 min read

10 diciembre, 2020 2 min read
Adrián Gómez


Why you need to have OCR in mind for your business2 min read

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology that allows to convert many different types of documents into modifiable and searchable characters.

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Due to recent events, it is even health hazardous to receive documents such as IDs, credit cards and/or checks and to pass them hand to hand. OCR represents the future of the paper contract or physical ID card. A good OCR technology will make your business more efficient when requesting certain documents from your customers.

Here you are four reasons why you should think into incorporating this technology soon:

Mobile traffic over desktop traffic

According to stats surrounding mobile traffic vs desktop traffic in 2020, most internet traffic comes from mobile – 50.48%. Only 46.51% comes from desktop (

These numbers mean that apart from having a mobile friendly design, your users will need to input any kind of information you request, via their smartphones.

A way to reduce bounce rates or abandoned carts is that payment information could be taken in a secure way from their camera phones. This same applies to any kind of ID or face recognition you may need to ensure that it is the card holder, the person introducing the information. This could reduce your fraud costs and fraud in general.

Make your operations more efficient

If you require picture IDs to validate your customers identity as well as them to physically make a visit to your store, to finish their purchase, you definitely need to incorporate OCR.

You need a digital tool to make validations while your client stays at home it may even increase sales, since basically anyone from all over the world can purchase from you, validating their information through their smartphone cameras.

Give power to your sales force

No more obstacles for your sales force when requiring bank check validation, as well as processing data from your customers. Allow them to take pictures and transform pictures into text to fill those long forms required by your legal department.

Get more users for your Finance App

If you work for a bank or a fintech company, you will need to pair IDs, Credit Cards with your users mug, OCR will make this an easy and quick process while maintaining your users data protected.

OCR may have other uses as less paper and presence is needed to complete processes, do you have a project in mind? reach us with your questions, we are sure we have an answer and a tailored solution for you: