You have a great App idea, but no programming skills: outsource your project4 min read

2 enero, 2020 3 min read
Carla Alvarenga


You have a great App idea, but no programming skills: outsource your project4 min read

Everyday, technology news feeds are filled with stories of people who maybe lacked experience, money or credential, yet they had a great App idea that blew up and experienced instant success. Everytime we hear about these kinds of success stories, we might find ourselves thinking, “I have an idea for an App, but no programming skills to actually make it a reality.” Mobile Apps are changing this by allowing the average Joe to do creative things, that can impact day to day life.

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Have you ever had an eureka moment when a unique idea sparks up in your head after using an existing App? You think about how you could improve a certain functionality or an element of its design, you get stocked and inspired! But then you end up feeling frustated at the same time because you lack programming or technical skills.

While a lot of people might give up, there’s no reason to believe you can’t turn this idea into reality. And, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. There are actually lots of ways to learn how to make an App without any experience, and for the most part none of them involve as much time, money, or work as you may expect.

Startups, entrepreneurs and individuals are developing amazing mobile Apps for innovation. Nowadays, knowing how to code is not a requirement to launching an App. There are many alternatives you can choose from to get your idea to market. Read the rest of this blog and find out how you can bring your App idea to life without any programming skills!

Outsource it

If you want to get started on your App right away and do not have time to learn how to code it yourself, the fastests way to do it is by hiring a team of experts who will get the job done for you. There are many options when hiring a team of developers, both online and elsewhere. But you wonder, how do you find a good team? If you want to have a high-quality project, we recommend to hire a team that has experience developing Apps within the business segment you’re trying to to reach. Some companies, like Elaniin for example, offer this service when developing Apps for clients.

Let’s say you live in the United States and you’re trying to build an App with a tight budget, but you still want the most qualified team. The best way to make this happen is by hiring a team in another country. And what kind of team would that be? One that has the set of skills and the expertise on building mobile Apps for clients around the world. At Elaniin, we got you covered. Our team is highly-experienced, having executed projects for clients all over the world. 

Key tips to getting it right

  1. The first step when hiring a developer is to first examine their past work, then ask them to showcase their skills, and finally talk with them about your vision. Ideally, ask them to wireframe or sketch a brief example of your idea to evaluate how well they understand your concept. 
  2. Make sure that before starting a project you have a contract or agreement in writing signed by both parties involved. This might cover things such as royalties or what might happen in the event of an incomplete project. You can also talk about iOS vs Android apps at this point of the conversation.
  3. Finally, always mention the design. Sometimes, people hire a developer thinking that they also have the creative design skills that will adapt to the user experience. That’s not always the case, most often a developer doesn’t have good design skills. You need to do some research and be willing to pay a higher price for an App that looks good and is made for digital users. Remember that usability not only depends on the project but in the user interaction.

There are many benefits to doing things this way. For instance, you don’t have to learn the necessary programming knowledge yourself, and you will be able to get a quicker turnaround. Also,  remember that once the App is live in production, you still have a lot of work to do:

  • App marketing is very important and experts recommend to do it from the start of the development phase. You need to engage people somehow and let them know that this new and exciting product is coming soon with a unique functionality that will make their lives easier. We recommend having an official page on various social media platforms and promote your App across all social media. A public-facing website that explains your App’s features, goals and benefits is your best marketing tool.
  • You should continuously work on App updates and future versions to keep users engaged. Never stop learning as an App creator, always aim to expand your learning skills. A successful App gets featured on the App Stores and has thousands of downloads each month. So, never stop learning and never stop building your successful product.

If you’re interested in creating an awesome App, you need to hire the best team! Elaniin’s developers are highly-qualified and will make any project come to life. Send us an email to and make us your technolgy partner.