We'd like to credit ourselves with just saying the benefits we're proud of and always show you, but we think it's better to let one of our dear boosters tell you about his experience and in his own words describe what it's like to be an Elaniin developer, and not any developer, an international one!

So we took the time to ask Javier Mercedes, one of our many talented developers from the Dominican Republic, some questions! Questions that could help you better understand the booster side, the Elaniin experience, and the work dynamics explained by a recognized and certified Elaniin dev! We will share all of Javier's responses with great detail and 100% honesty...

So, this is what Javier had to say about the questions we asked him…

What captured your attention about Elaniin that made you consider it a possible job option?

Javier says that what first got his attention was the possibility of working from anywhere! That has allowed him to be able to work from his home even if the electricity goes out or his connection is weak he can move somewhere near his house and still be able to work.

Also, he mentions that by the time he applied he already had in mind to “level up” speaking professionally, he wanted to be a part of a company full of different dynamics and greater challenges. When he found out about Elaniin he searched and did a leap of faith by applying because he knew he had found what he was looking for.

Why did you decide to join Elaniin? What were the main factors that made you choose Elaniin over other companies?

I have friends that work remotely for international companies and they told me that working like that was one of the best decisions they've ever taken! Since they feel more appreciated as developers in projects and that they also have learned a lot of new things by working with people with so many different backgrounds and cultures.

The most important factor for me was proven after 3 months of working with Elaniin, even tho it wasn't a lot of time I already felt like I was a valuable part of the company, I was helping in a different process, applying my knowledge and going out of my comfort zone because my work had already so many challenges that required my focus! Elaniin is a place with a different dynamic that hooks you and motivates you to keep learning and growing.

To you, What's the “key element” that makes Elaniin stand out for its employees/boosters?

The way everyone fits in the company and how we are all a community even if we don't work in the same department. For example, If I need help with something not necessarily related to technology or software, it could be about anything and I know there's gonna be someone able to help me and solve the problem or situation.

How's your experience working for a company that's international, was it easy to adapt, or was it challenging?

It's my first time working for an international company and I must say that at first, I was afraid, I was in my head and thought I wouldn't be able to make it or not be up to the part, but precisely that made me apply and try, because it was a challenge and look at me now 1 year later I'm still here and hoping to still be in the future!

In your opinion, What are the basics a company should offer to attract international talent?

Anyone would immediately tell you that the salary and benefits are key (and we can't deny that they are) but to me, the most important thing is that they offer their talent the opportunity for growth, to be able to continue studying and learning. To give your talent the opportunity to get certified and get specialized in the department they work in or even venture in a different direction and be able to apply those new abilities or knowledge into their work. Also, a company that emphasizes and worries about their employees' health and mental well-being, offering help for them to feel well professionally and personally.

What are the challenges of working as a dev for an international company?

Being able to adapt your workflow, there are places where the structure is easy to learn, there are places where it's not so easy and a bit complicated and there's also places where there's no structure at all! The important thing for you is to be attentive, see where you can help, and offer your ideas to optimize the process and solve problems.

Also for devs, it's helpful to inform yourself about tribulations and taxes when you work for an international company you should manage your taxes with the help of an accountant, it's important to find someone of trust so that everything goes well with your finances.

Another important thing that I believe is key to adapting when working remotely is the ability to work literally from anywhere!

What were the challenges when working with an international team?

The schedules! I share a 12-hour difference with some of my teammates and there's times when dev A has a feature that dev B needs but has to wait for dev A to come online to deliver. One way I have seen how to solve this situation is to create tasks that can be done as a team but that is not dependent so that in order not to stop the work, it can take another task that does not depend on the work of dev A.

To you, How can we improve the international dev experience in the future?

Right now I can't think of anything, because really (at least in my experience), remote jobs are better than local ones.

In general, describe your experience at Elaniin:

Unbelievable, I feel at home. It feels like a collaborative vibe like I've never felt working anywhere else.

The ego does not exist here, we all know our strengths and weaknesses and work on them to be better each time.

In addition, the company has not only helped me grow professionally, but it has also helped me in personal situations, since for example with the university I can go and make up time during the week or any emergency that occurs. My supervisors have been the best I have ever had and have assisted me with everything (literally everything) that I have needed in my time at Elaniin.

Here's a pic of some of our international boosters from the Dominican Republic!

Elaniin is a big community, a family full of different cultures and preferences but in the end, we are all united. That's why we worry daily about keeping all our boosters satisfied in the professional and personal fields because we want them to always be their best version and to feel proud to be part of Elaniin! Because to us being part of Elaniin goes far beyond just having a job, it is being part of a safe space that will take care of you and provide support whenever you need it.

You just read the experience of working for Elaniin written by one of our international Devs! And you can also be part of Elaniin and experience the Booster side if you wish! Elaniin has many jobs where you can be the perfect candidate, you can check them and apply just by clicking here.