As a quick answer, it's because it was present in our childhood many times without us realizing it, that today remembering it brings us to nostalgia when we learned the names of the first 150 pokémon, imagine that we were looking for the clow cards or fight like Goku with all the "villains"; even asking about the cartoons of yesteryear we were surprised that many of our parents fondly remember having been in love with Anthony from Candy Candy or driving the Match 5 winning international prix.

Flashy Designs

We have to agree on one thing, anime has style and style to spare, and the love for detail in drawing and animation denotes a unique dedication.

Bleach - TV Tokyo 2015

The first impression you get is the visuals and that something amine always stands up in comparison to cartoons or other forms of animated visuals. It's not just like any other piece of entertainment, the attention to detail is uncanny and so precise sometimes you might think you're watching something real when it's just a well-detailed animation. That's why anime is nothing like cartoons. Because anime is both semi-realistic and relatable, regardless of how it looks.


The stories that can be told are more diverse and practically without limits, we can be pirates in search of One Piece, be disputing a gastronomy tournament, or be trapped in a video game advancing in levels to escape from it, there are endless stories and genres as each has its own rules, limitations, and facilities or simply do not have any of them, as there are stories that do not need a very marked fiction to impact the viewer; This kind of versatility is what makes anime for anyone looking for a good story, even for those who just want to watch explosions.

Food Wars - Animax 2015

Perfect Soundtracks

Music in anime is a whole different experience! Watching an anime series intro is almost like watching a masterpiece, and a big part of that feeling is the music! It is so unique at its core that it gives you the chills and keeps you at the edge on any scene, could be because it’s Japanese music, so it might sound nothing like what you’d hear normally but that's what makes it better! I already have 5 songs in my head that could easily be played in your day to day life and that stick in your heart, which even a lot of today's music doesn't do.

One Punch Man - OP

Unmatchable Action!

I'm sorry but this one isn’t debatable. There's not one movie, series, or anything that can beat the action in an anime series. The effects, animation, and features make the action TOO good and you almost feel like you're the one having a fight and because it's animated so well done and so carefully it cannot be recreated on live film.

Moob Psyco - Crunchyroll 2016

Strong comedy bits

We all love to laugh, and in animations making someone laugh is much easier because you can play with different reactions that for the human body can be impossible to replicate! Like making the characters do stupidly funny faces or adding goofy effects to portray someone is feeling something and even make everyday situations funnier with silly effects. This is one of the reasons anime comedies are priceless.

Love is war - MBS 2019

Anime is never going to age because it can relate to so many for so many reasons! It's directed toward a larger demographic and never fails to keep you hooked on every episode. Anime is a whole world of its own and if you start watching it, believe me, there's no going back!

Share your favorite anime with us and recommend us one to binge watch after reading this blog!