This year at DevWeek 2023, we enjoyed a complete week of educational and insightful live sessions, culminating in our site-closing event this past Monday. Over ten distinguished speakers took the stage, sharing their profound knowledge and insights on pivotal tech subjects like government technology innovation, fintech, and artificial intelligence (read the DevWeek 2023 recap here).

DevWeek is more than just an event — it's a driving force within our country's tech ecosystem. It brings together industry leaders, visionaries, and enthusiastic minds, providing a space to foster connections and collaborations within the thriving tech community.

Amidst the array of insightful sessions, there were some exciting announcements that have the potential to reshape El Salvador's tech scene and establish its name globally as a reference for tech solutions.

In this blog post, we will provide the details of this exciting news that took the spotlight at DevWeek 2023. So, without further ado, let's delve into it!

Elaniin's bold investment in El Salvador's tech future

Starting with impressive news, Adrian Gomez, CEO of Elaniin, unveiled the company's ambitious plans to shape the future of the enterprise and make a profound impact on the country's tech scene.

During his keynote speech, he announced his strong commitment to boosting the company's investment in the nation's tech ecosystem. The investment is set to double, reaching an impressive 20 million dollars over the next three years. This significant step aims to support startups in need of seed capital, as well as those with more advanced stages, improve technological education, and back innovative projects. All of this is with the singular goal of propelling El Salvador to the forefront of the global tech landscape, just as he envisioned over a decade ago.

Elaniin, with a vision to strengthen El Salvador's tech sector, has laid out a comprehensive investment strategy that promises to create a significant impact on multiple fronts:

  • Expanding its operations for job creation.
    One key facet of the company’s plans involves the expansion of Elaniin's operations within El Salvador. This expansion translates into the creation of a substantial number of tech job opportunities, amplifying career prospects for skilled individuals in the region.
  • Supporting startup investments.
    Elaniin is reinforcing its commitment to the startup ecosystem. A focal point of this initiative is increasing the company's stake in startups, notably highlighting its continued support for Mercandú. This strategic approach aims to foster innovation and growth within existing partnerships.
  • Nurturing local entrepreneurship.
    Elaniin's investment outlook extends to the nurturing of early-stage startups led by Salvadoran founders. By channeling resources into these blooming ventures, the company aims to catalyze innovation and bolster the entrepreneurial spirit within the region.
  • Focusing on the fintech sector.
    Recognizing the transformative potential of fintech, Elaniin is directing its attention toward this emerging sector. This strategic decision demonstrates the company's dedication to reshaping financial technology and services, driving the country's technological advancements forward.
  • Advocating for inclusive tech education.
    Elaniin's dedication to tech education extends beyond traditional boundaries. The company actively contributes to tech education initiatives, demonstrating a particular commitment to advancing opportunities for women and individuals facing resource limitations. This initiative seeks to enhance accessibility to tech education.
  • Elevating the ecosystem.
    In addition to its financial commitments, Elaniin aims to inspire and elevate the broader tech ecosystem. Anticipate an increased number of events, conferences, and gatherings designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth within El Salvador's tech community.

Elaniin's investment strategy aims to make a significant and enduring impact on El Salvador's tech landscape, promising growth, innovation, and opportunities for all stakeholders involved.

BitLab 2.0: The catalyst for change in tech education

In the fast-paced world of technology, where innovation constantly outpaces the workforce, a massive challenge arose.

That is where BitLab, Elaniin’s educational project, entered the scene. A game-changing academy that emerged in 2018. Fueled by a goal of surpassing the limitations of the existing national institutions, BitLab boldly stepped into the highly competitive global market. It recognized the pressing need for unmatched innovation and excellence, a demand that echoes among high-level clients.

The journey of BitLab may have momentarily paused due to the pandemic, but now, it's gearing up for a greater return, promising to emerge stronger and more vibrant than ever before.

BitLab’s vision is to solve the need for capable professionals in the country who can provide first-world-level development solutions. By implementing short-term tech skills courses for a limited number of students, who with the experience and guidance of Elaniin’s selected professionals, can learn from real market experiences which at the end of the course, provides students with a strong professional portfolio to go out in the market and find a job in tech. Its aim is to open up doors to prosperity and the opportunity to export quality services to the rest of the world, by giving a chance to students struggling to pay for higher education quality but with a thirst to enter the tech world and have the opportunity to export its services to the rest of the world.

At the heart of BitLab's vision lies a bold mission: to bridge the gap in our nation's tech talent pool by producing professionals capable of delivering world-class development solutions. How do they plan to do it? By providing short-term tech skills courses for a select group of students. Under the expert guidance of Elaniin's professionals, these students embark on a journey of learning from real-world market experiences.

Upon completion of these courses, students not only acquire new skills but also develop a robust professional portfolio. Armed with this invaluable asset and supported by an internal team dedicated to facilitating their job placement, graduates are well-prepared to enter the national and international tech job market with confidence and competence.

BitLab 2.0 Launch on 2024: +10 tech skill courses, +3,000 young students instructed in the next 5 years, and 90% employability of the students who successfully complete the course.

BitLab's aspiration seeks to unlock the doors of prosperity and global opportunities for students who yearn for high-quality education but may struggle to afford it — BitLab offers its courses free of charge. By empowering these individuals, BitLab propels them into the dynamic tech landscape and enables them to export their exceptional services to the world market.

BitLab is deeply committed to sharing the knowledge and expertise from Elaniin and its partner startups directly with the students. Its vision is to be the catalyst for change in tech education, making a bigger impact on the national tech scene. The courses will offer a hands-on dive into the world of technology, using the latest tools and platforms to help students easily grasp these innovative technologies.

This DevWeek 2023 has been nothing short of transformative. From enlightening discussions and valuable networking opportunities, it has been an extraordinary journey. However, the remarkable news unveiled will surely mark a significant impact and revolutionize El Salvador's tech landscape.

The tech world is evolving, and we are leading the way in this transformative journey, ushering in a new era of innovation and progress. We've only scratched the surface here! so stay tuned to our channels as we reveal further details and the incredible possibilities that lie ahead.