Our DevWeek was a complete success this year! Throughout the week, we had incredible and eye-opening discussions about work, life as a developer and the implications of tech trends like Artificial Intelligence in our lives. We concluded our DevWeek activities with an in-person event that attracted over 300 attendees from various backgrounds, including government, private companies, startups, investment funds, universities, and schools, all gathered under one roof to boost the tech ecosystem in El Salvador.

People from different professinal backgrounds registering at DevWeek 2023

At the heart of this triumph were the superlative talks and insights provided by stellar minds in the fields of AI, fintech, tech, and even government. They brought an incredible amount of experience, which they were willing to share with the audience.

For our opening conference, we aimed to start strong and make an impact by sharing the story of our company and its relevance in our country.

A decade impacting El Salvador's tech ecosystem

This conference was led by our CEO Adrián Gómez. With over a decade of experience in reshaping the tech industry across El Salvador, he delved into the intersections of dreams and technology.

He shared insights into his early years, highlighting the pivotal moment he discovered his passion for technology at 15. Adrian's journey from that point was truly inspiring as he aimed to change the narrative about El Salvador.

One of the most important points:

  • He emphasized the importance of questioning everything, pursuing it with passion, and finally executing your ideas, quoting his career mantra: "patience, passion, and working as if there's no tomorrow."
  • Elaniin's recognition as one of Clutch's top 1,000 companies and its stellar Glassdoor rating.
  • And, one of the most ambitious future goals for Elaniin: We’re aiming to invest $20 million in tech projects to position El Salvador as a technological hub.

And his closing words: "Never stop believing in yourself."

Government innovation: Shaping the tech landscape

The first conversation put on display several doubts and questions every young entrepreneur and tech aficionado has, especially in our country: "How is government innovation shaping the technology landscape?"

This was a captivating exploration guided by Ariel Torres, featuring visionary experts Douglas Rodríguez, President of Banco Central de Reserva, and Miguel Kattán, Secretary of Commerce and Investments.

The discussion revolved around strategies, methodologies, challenges, and long-term visions for advancing the country's technological infrastructure.

We gathered critical insights from both institutions:

  • From the BCR, Douglas emphasized the importance of public institutions delivering quality services.
  • Miguel highlighted the shift in the Secretary towards a more technology-driven, automated approach, aiming to provide efficient services to the population.

To close the conversation, the panel affirmed their commitment to supporting startup projects, underscoring the vital role of technology in streamlining processes.

Leading the era of AI

In the digital age, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a transformative wave that is reshaping the very foundations of how we work and thrive. As we navigate this new era, AI has transcended being a mere technological tool; it has become an indispensable partner in our daily professional lives.

That is how Miguel Osegueda, Microsoft’s Azure Channel Sales Manager, shared his views and insights on how to lead this new era in our workspace.

He underscored how AI technology is transforming industries and driving economic growth. Miguel illustrated the audience on:

  • The impact of Azure OpenAI across various sectors, from Carmax's efficiency gains to Strabag's risk prediction and EY's automation of manual tasks.
  • How cloud technology and responsible digital intelligence use are essential for harnessing AI's potential.

He explained the way AI has revolutionized industries and job roles, marking a seismic shift in the way we work. From streamlining complex tasks to augmenting our decision-making abilities, he concluded that AI will hold a profound relevance in the modern workplace and that there are several exciting horizons for AI to reinvent every industry.

Opportunities and challenges for Salvadoran fintechs

In the bustling landscape of Salvadoran fintech, a realm where innovation meets finance, opportunities, and challenges coexist as driving forces. As this dynamic sector continues to evolve, it presents a myriad of avenues for growth and development while simultaneously posing unique hurdles that demand strategic solutions.

That is precisely what our second conversation was all about, featuring Jose Amaya, Marketing Manager of Cubo, Nelson Chicas, CEO of Findex, and Rodrigo Castillo, Director of Technology at Mercandú.

They discussed their journeys into the Fintech industry in El Salvador, highlighting the importance of:

  • Young talent that is ready to take a leap and dive into this space.
  • The power of innovation and how it can shape the way fintech can make a real difference in the banking industry in our country.
  • And, of course,  government support that promotes financial and technological inclusion, and emphasizes the significance of investing in education to maximize the benefits of digital tools.

This conversation was a true exploration to uncover the potential for financial innovation in our country and the roadblocks that require these solutions.

The new fintech revolution

Gone are the days of traditional banking; we stand at the precipice of a new era, one where innovation and technology converge to reshape finance as we know it. And for our closing talk Alejandro McCormack, Chief Operating Officer of N1co, explained that this revolution promises to democratize access to financial services, disrupt outdated models, and unlock untold possibilities for businesses and individuals alike.

He introduced the audience to N1co's mission of revolutionizing finance in the region. N1co's vision is to lead in providing access to digital banking products in Central America and the Caribbean, focusing on digitizing daily transactions, especially cash-based ones.

Alejandro shared statistics highlighting:

  • The need for this transformation, includes high cash transactions, low banking penetration, and the predominance of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • The democratization of technology and the responsible use of digital intelligence, assert that AI will reinvent every industry.

He left an impact on the audience by explaining “the why” of the emergence of this industry and how it is becoming a transformative power that is redefining the future of finance.

In the world of technology, where progress is measured in leaps and bounds, our Dev Week 2023 stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when brilliant minds converge.

As we draw the curtains on this remarkable event, one thing is clear: the fusion of visionary insights and groundbreaking innovation has the power to reshape industries and shape the future.

DevWeek 2023 was not just a gathering; it was a celebration of the relentless pursuit of knowledge and the audacious spirit of those who dare to dream big. The talks, discussions, and exchanges that took place during this week were the building blocks of a brighter, more connected future. We bid farewell to this triumph, knowing that the ripples of inspiration and innovation will continue to be felt long after the event has concluded.

However, as we draw the curtains for this extraordinary event, we can't help but look ahead with great anticipation. With each passing year, the tech community's dynamism and creativity seem to know no bounds. So, here's our promise: brace yourselves for an even more remarkable tech event next year. DevWeek 2024 will build upon the foundations of innovation and inspiration we've experienced here, promising an even brighter future for the world of technology.

We can't wait to see what groundbreaking developments, visionary speakers, and exciting surprises await us in the year to come. The tech revolution continues, and DevWeek will be at its forefront, leading the way into an even more exhilarating future!