There is no way to deny that technology is part of our daily lives whether we like it or not (thankfully we love it). From house chores to improving medicine, this new world of technology brings so many opportunities to improve our future. And who says that tech talent is only found in the USA or Europe? Latinamerica has a tremendous amount of amazing young talent that just needs the right opportunities.

That's why to Elaniin, proving the potential our country has for tech projects has been one of the main goals since day one. Through the years our tech projects have grown exponentially. We've created many different software solutions, web applications, incredible user experiences for the end-user of very important clients in the fintech, retail, and e-commerce industries in LATAM and also for the USA. And thankfully we've not only gained amazing clients but now we’ve managed to gather super-efficient engineers and developers from all Latinamerica, The Caribbean, and the USA working on great projects locally and internationally as well!

Now it's time to concentrate on how we can help develop our country by doing what we're best at, Tech projects, and we found the ideal partner to start with, CasaTIC El Salvador!

CasaTIC is a non-profit association that brings together entities from the ICT sector in the country, intending to promote development in El Salvador, their mission is to represent and promote the Information Technology and Communications (ICT) sector as a driver of development in El Salvador.

They are seeking to expand and bring closer the opportunities that provide the competitiveness and growth of the technology sector for our country, which has been neglected for quite a long time due to the very few spaces that technology projects have to prove their full potential.  

We believe in their strategic axes to make their mission work.

  • Public Politics:
  • Promotion of law initiatives: They have been working on the project of the electronic signature law since 2015 with very important institutions.
  • Digital agenda proposal design: They want to create a proposal that contributes to strengthening the foundations of a society based on information and knowledge.
  • Exportation and Business: Their business committee seeks to work on the creation of tools, events, approaches between companies in the ICT sector and multisectoral companies, as well as with alliances on a regional level to promote the internationalization of different businesses in the sector.
  • Human Talent: promoting an environment with the right conditions for the human talent to develop, innovate and create with the efficient use of technological tools.
  • Innovation: The key to every project they want to start.

Given this background, we truly believe that being their partners will be an alliance that can only bring amazing results for our company but more importantly for the future of ICT projects in our country!