Maybe you’ve read about Staff Augmentation, maybe not, but we wanted to set the record straight on how IT nearshore staffing can leverage the right talent that will allow you to grow your technology products seamlessly. Companies looking to outsource their IT staffing for different reasons, mainly strategic and operational needs, like increasing capacity or even to acquire very specific talent that is scarce locally.

Check out this entry to learn how Staff Augmentation can take your tech project to the next level!

There are 3 scenarios where you can find yourself in the need to rely on Staff Augmentation:

  1. To reinforce your in-house team

You may want to augment your IT team through outsourcing when the workload within your in-house team has reached its limit. Your team might feel like tasks are piling up and deadlines get missed recurrently. Opting for the nearshore staffing option, lets you augment the team in specific skills, from other markets, through a simplified hiring process. In the end, your internal team is happier and you get the results you need on time.

2. You need a specific skill

If you want to expand your team but need very specific skills, you'll find them in a larger network of engineers from all over Latin America. Outsourcing is efficient and reliable; from the initial sourcing to the onboarding process, it usually takes up to 2 weeks.

3. Use it as a bridge for hire

When you need to hire software engineers to meet your short-term needs, while you recruit permanent employees. We know how important time to market is, so we’ve built our processes to ensure that we provide the flexibility to onboard engineers in an easy way.

Staff augmentation is undoubtedly an attractive solution, once you get to know all the benefits it can bring to your company. At Elaniin, we firmly believe that in order to meet our client’s satisfaction, we need to  offer great benefits for them to grow and improve, here are a few of them:

4. Highly skilled staff:

Our Boosters have what it takes to elevate your project to a whole new level. They are highly skilled and keep constant training in their respective fields of expertise to always be ahead of the game in the industry and market demands and upcoming trends.

5. Efficient processes:

Planning and organizing recruitment take a lot of time and energy but you can improve that process with IT staff augmentation, the entire task of recruiting falls on the staffing agency. What usually takes weeks or even months can now take just a few days.

6. International talent:

You can hire foreign nationals to meet your business objectives even if you don’t have engineers in your region or specific location.

You can improve your internal and external resources through staff augmentation. This model saves time since you won't have to train or retrain as the experts will already bring their skills and experience into your projects.

7. Costs, flexibility, and quality:

You can easily upscale and downscale your team with an IT staff augmentation model. And also you may be running unnecessary overhead costs by paying full-time staff, especially as a startup, with the IT staff augmentation model you get to save by hiring high-level developers for a fractional cost over a period.

We offer to work within a similar time zone to North America, which allows communication and workflow to be much more effective. We also have Cultural compatibility, because we share visions, values, ​​and beliefs with all our collaborators.  Plus, we offer Cost-Saving options for long-term engagements. We make sure to offer these benefits through the use of the best technologies and platforms to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

Remember that to have success with IT Staff Augmentation, and rip all of the great benefits it offers, you should always start with introspection and identify which area is currently a potential bottleneck. Identifying where you’re lacking is the first step to becoming an even better version of your team and your company. IT Staff augmentation will enable your company to stay on top of the game and ahead of the competition.

At Elaniin, we have an incredible team of Full-Stack Developers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, AI Specialists, UX and UI designers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters,  who have helped IT teams at startups and corporations, to bring their digital products to life... The amount of research our tech staff does, to identify what technologies are the best for each individual coming project, is what sets us apart in the market. The experience our team leaders gain with each project, working with international brands, helps us improve and strive for better results constantly. That's what makes Elaniin one of the best tech companies in the Latam region.

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