Being an entrepreneur sounds wonderful, creating a business from the ground up, working on your dream, being able to grow, and having people working with you. The concept is alluring and dreamy but the process to get there is not easy, that's why not everyone succeeds, you need incredible determination and love for what you do to surpass all the obstacles that will come on the way to success and an incredible team that has your back and believes in your vision.  

That's how Elaniin started, with the initiative and love of programming of our CEO Adrián Gomez. He started with some computers in a small garage back in 2014 and now 7 years later, Elaniin is one of the largest and most successful tech companies in El Salvador with over 200 employees throughout the USA and Latin America.

Over the years, the company has gained many recognitions and many of our talents have achieved professional milestones. And now one more comes to elevate even more the name of the company. Our founder and CEO Adrián Gomez and Elaniin join the Forbes Technology Council!
Being part of this community is not easily achieved, especially because is invitation-only for successful tech executives and entrepreneurs.

Now, what does this mean for Elaniin?

That as members of this elite business community we receive three pillars of value for any company:

  • Connections: This community represents several incredibly successful companies, and let's not forget that in the world of business, its beating heart is the connections made. You never know how far a skilled and positive connection will take you.  
  • Visibility: Our CEO will be able to publish on which means an important level of exposure for the company. The digital visibility will increase for sure, not just for future projects and clients, but for the people that might become part of the company too!
  • Growth: Forbes Councils offers informative, action-oriented webinars, discussion rooms, videos, and more virtual events and this can only enrichen our knowledge and culture.

Being recognized by such a powerful institution as a truly successful company in our field fills us with pride and makes us want to grow even higher and expand even further. Also, some articles about our company will be published very soon on their website,  

Thankfully we have wonderful teams working with us, making this new goal completely achievable. This only means that Elaniin will keep growing and growing and we can't wait to see what comes out of this significant new membership for the company.