We started in 2014 as a software development company, for the love of programming and coding, but as Elaniin grew we realized that there was room for something more, and a small department of Digital Strategy was formed. With the years this department started to grow and by 2020 Elaniin had 2 big and operative departments: Software Development and a Digital Agency.  

Our agency managed to work for many brands to achieve their business goals with the help of our strategists, designers, and content creators. However, in 2021, Elaniin wanted to expand even more with software development so we wanted to focus more on that area, but we were aware of how solid the agency was, so both our CEO Adrián Gómez and Ideaworks got together and saw the chance to create something new that could disrupt the marketing industry.  Therefore, we make official what our Digital Strategy department with Ideaworks International has been working on for a year: Qudox, the agency of the new era!

Qudox was born with the sole objective of transforming the advertising industry in the country and in the region. The goal is to make this agency fully committed to understanding the customer problems and needs, getting and analyzing all the necessary data to provide the correct solutions to each of the users, accompanying them in this new era full of changes, in order to grow together and become a benchmark in the industry. With this step, Qudox has become the largest independent agency in the region with a wide portfolio of services: strategic and digital campaigns, branding, design, process automation, data strategy, media, influencers, and reputation.

All industries have adapted to different eras, but in some areas changes are more an obligation rather than a necessity, and the creative and advertising industry had to adapt to the new trends caused by the Coronavirus. Both Elaniin and IdeaWorks realized that the agencies were stagnant, working under the same methodology, applying the same strategies when the entire ecosystem had turned one hundred and eighty degrees.

Therefore a solution had to be created and both companies concluded that they are capable of demonstrating that they can truly create and disrupt the creative and advertising industry. For all the above, Qudox, the agency of the new era, arises to leave behind all the paradigms and methodologies of the past and take on new challenges.

We know the future for this new agency is nothing but bright and now as Elaniin keeps growing faster than ever, we will participate as a strategic partner to help them grow and expand.


About Elaniin:

Top-notch technology company, founded in 2014. Elaniin develops software solutions for companies in retail, fintech, insurance, and e-commerce. It is currently operating in different countries around the world; it employs more than 150 software developers throughout Latin America and has two main offices, one in San Salvador, El Salvador, and Utah, United States.

About Qudox:

It is the largest independent agency in the region, with a new vision of work, where there are no longer separate functions, this time all the solutions are in one place. Born out of a combination of the digital agency area of two strong companies with more than 10+ years of experience combined, Qudox is ready to disrupt the industry.