For many years, we've lived in a world where work is above everything else; although it's fair to be responsible and efficient with our work, making it the center of our lives can lead to negative consequences, especially with our own body.

As time goes by, getting a job has become increasingly more difficult. Companies look for extremely well-prepared professionals for every position and there are long lines of people waiting for the chance. This has unleashed a tremendous amount of tension in order to acquire and maintain a job.

Nowadays, people live under constant pressure and stress because it's difficult to disconnect from work since the majority of us are working from home now. In the long run, stress takes a severe toll on all of us and it manifests itself physically and emotionally from headaches, hair loss, neck and back pain to the manifestation of anxiety and depression.

For employees in the digital world and technology industry, a workday means sitting all day in front of a screen, overthinking, typing out code, and debugging it, which is tough. That's why we wanted to share some very helpful ways to relieve stress.

  1. Take breaks!

We mean it. You cannot be all day sitting down and staring at the computer, at some point you need to rest. The best way to do it is to schedule them, that way you get more and more used to them and they become a habit.

2. Unplug

Technology is one of the best allies for our work but it can be a double-edged sword. It doesn't let us completely put an end to our workday.

3. Rely on your team

It's true that coding can be a lonely task, but at times we all need a second opinion or a helping hand. Learn to delegate, remember there's no “I” in a team!

4. Recharge your batteries

The best way to do this is by adding exercise into your routine. Being a developer requires you to be sitting down for long periods of time, so you have to do something to help your back. Try going for a walk, yoga, or a little jogging to keep your muscles moving. You can also get a standing desk.

5. Try to enjoy your workday

Not every day is going to be a great day at work, but try to find something positive each day; after all, you're doing it because you love to crack code.

6. Catch some sleep

Developers tend to be night owls, but lack of sleep is a big no-no for your health, not only physically but also contributes to your moods throughout the day.

7. Talk about it

If something is stressing you out, try to share it with your team. It’s probably an issue that can be resolved as a team.  

8. Breathe

When you're too stressed out or upset try counting to ten and breathe. It might sound a little bit like a cliché but it does help to lower your anxiety levels in a difficult situation since it switches your attention from the problem to the counting.

9. One task at a time.

Just focus on the task at hand without thinking about what's coming next. Put your 100% into each assignment and you'll see your work done in less time.

10. Don't forget the fun.

Coding might be complicated but it's enjoyable if you love what you do. Don't forget that!

I hope these tips help you learn to let go when necessary and find the perfect balance in your life. Remember these are only a guide and you can adapt them as you feel appropriate!