Elaniin has a great commitment to contribute to the economy of El Salvador and the growth of its communities, by providing jobs and helping the advancement, progress, and growth of tech in the country. We have significantly grown since the Company’s founding and with that, we have been able to effectively create and provide jobs both nationally and internationally. Thanks to the quality of our services, we have earned prestigious recognition by our clients and we keep building and chasing projects that'll allow us to supply more jobs and opportunities for the region.

Now, Elaniin is proud to announce that is has become a member of ASI, the “Asociación Salvadoreña de Industriales”, which is the main trade body for advancing economic and social development in El Salvador through the strengthening of the industrial sector, the promotion and protection of national industrial production, and the defense of the legitimate interests of industrialists. Committed to satisfying its members and clients with excellent services and aimed at supporting their productivity and economic development through an organization with solidity and prestige, with efficient management processes and a permanent philosophy of continuous improvement, ASI seeks to help support the relationships between key Salvadoran industrial players and their national and international clients.

This membership represents great responsibility and we are delighted to keep growing and providing a brighter future for El Salvador. We support and share their vision, which is "to be a union that permanently guides and supports the industrial sector, in innovation, quality and productivity as the main factor in the economic and social development of the country." As a Company that develops within the tech field, we feel the obligation and commitment to continue innovating with our services and solutions, in addition to always providing a quality service with talents that always give their 100% in terms of productivity and effort.

With this announcement, a new stage begins for Elaniin where the commitment to Salvadoran talents continues to grow to always provide an innovative service, full of inspiration and motivation so that El Salvador continues to progress as a nation. Elaniin has the goal of accelerating its growth, seeking to expand its horizons in order to provide opportunities for the best national and regional software development talent.