The Internet has gifted us with the possibility of immediate ways of communication and knowledge expansion and to a lot of us a job too.

There are thousands of people around the world that need the internet for professional purposes, and it has become a tool to make our life easier not just for employees but for employers as well, from project management tools to channels of exposure, and now one of its most remarkable tools: remote work.

Remote work has opened the possibility like never before to be able to work literally from anywhere you are as long as you have an internet connection.  

What started as a “work trend” has now become a modality of work, since it's leaving behind the days of only large multinational corporations having the ability to hire international talent, with the virtual hiring options the internet provides the hunt for global talent is on the rise! Now is not just an obligation since the pandemic hit, it is actually an incredible option that a lot (and we mean A LOT) of companies and employees alike are taking into consideration.

And the benefits for both businesses and employees are one of the greatest advantages this modality has to stay indefinitely in the workforce industry. One of the most significant ones is the amount of money a business can save by hiring virtual employees and not having office expenses and the same goes for employees since they have the opportunity to work from home without having to incur a higher cost of living or commuting costs.

Besides the economical release for companies, one of the biggest benefits of hiring international talent is the automatic increase in diversity, and as a company, we believe is key to success and one of our principles! We've had the incredible opportunity of hiring international talent and we can attest that having a diverse workforce can have a remarkable and positive impact on many aspects of the company like productivity, creativity, profits, employee engagement, and reputation, after all, who doesn't enjoy getting to know a little bit from different cultures here and there and what better opportunity than in your workplace!  

Integrating global talent into the workplace can also dismantle old ideas, processes, and procedures that are rooted in a lot of work cultures, like the thought of “if you're not in the office you're not working” or “that’s always the way we do things around here” as poor excuses for a lack of innovation.

Additionally, by mixing up the workplace with new staff from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries, innovative ideas will be encouraged by all employees. That's why we believe in singularity as one of our core values because each member of our teams can bring diversity with their own personal touch. Each person is part of Elaniin's DNA.

Also, according to various studies, “if the global talent that is hired speaks a different language, it could open up the total market reach of the organization. Having an employee with solid language skills, as well as a thorough knowledge of new cultures and markets could be very beneficial for a business.”

Hiring people across borders also opens up the talent pool to be broader and deeper, making a wider array of skill sets available to the employer.

This is why we can proudly say we have the ‘best of the best’ of tech talent from Latinamerica and we plan to keep expanding!