Leveraging on what is the right approach you should have with your clients  is a question that follows Business Developers everywhere they go - We’ve come up with a couple of things you might find useful in your career.

Here at Elaniin we take tremendous pride in developing relationships from the ground up. Fostering communication, educating or guiding our existing and future clients on all of their business needs, was , is and will always be our priority. We take complete ownership of every single interaction and are committed to see their thoughts and ideas materialized

Let that sink in for a second…

Building a career in sales is something that will require dedication and hard work. Sales is not always about who talks the most or how eloquent you are, but it surely always inclines towards how great your attitude is and how much you know about your processes or product.

As my former mentor used to say “You have to earn the right to offer” and earning that right comes with a full understanding of what a sales process looks like:

  • Get your rapport on point!
  • Understand your client's profile!
  • Discover their need!
  • Pitch like you've never pitched before!
  • Have a colossal close!
  • Anticipate a  “NO”

Get your rapport on point!

Nothing worse than talking to a wall, elevating your communication style, encouraging your customers to talk to you and inspiring them is what will take you to the next level.

Understand your client's profile!

Embrace the fact that we are all different and are built with a different set of necessities, each of those can be tackled by knowing how to differentiate between an introvert and an extrovert.

Discover their need!

It is not about asking a million questions, it’s about understanding where your client is coming from and mirroring their need - Each of us have a different way of seeing things, so the more you understand, the better your offer will be.

Pitch like you've never pitched before!

Check your tone, check your attitude if you do not believe in your pitch, chances are your client won’t believe in it either. If you’ve asked all the right questions and were successful in building your rapport you will knock it outta the park!

Have a colossal close!

Remember you are closing on a solution, not a product - Make sure your script is tight and aim to win!

Anticipate a  “NO”

On Sales, the natural response to an offer is “No” keep a steady mind and relax! Your job starts at the first “No” , be ready to negotiate and keep an eye on what the real objection is. Only after you know it will you overcome it.

Sounds great, right? What if we would say that everything above is roughly 10% of what you actually need?

Attitude is often defined as a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something” and in sales, your attitude is what really matters. Here are my personal views on how to achieve that:

  • Pride: Be proud of yourself, you're one in a million - Everything you’ve been through led you here.
  • Relationships: Take care of yourself and the people around you, benefiting from their positive vibes is always a great way to start your day!
  • Communication: Communicate frequently, speak up and accept you do not always have an answer! But your friend, coworker or family member might.
  • Needs: Know what moves you and above all take care of yourself.
  • Priority: Remember why you started! Your dreams are just around the corner and they need to be on top of your bucket list.
  • Ownership: Don’t live in denial, mistakes are bound to happen in any given situation. Stop, retrace your steps and correct them.
  • Committed: Stay committed to who you are, change whatever needs to be changed and marry your ideas!

In a nutshell, the biggest barrier you’ll always face is you. Controlling your emotions, keeping your eyes on the price and getting ready to get work done is the easiest way to be successful in sales.