The path to business success.

The tech industry is one of the most explored nowadays for being a very profitable business. Technology is always present in our lives. Every single tool that we use daily (a phone, an app, a website, a computer, a tablet, or the lots of data that we consume) has a team behind working on making things friendly to users, brainstorming ideas, implementing new features, and many others. In short: making things happen.  

This industry has recently been interested in expanding through Latin countries. Therefore, we understand we’re not the only ones. Being an organization that belongs to the tech industry, we tend to focus on data-driven solutions to enhance innovation that impacts with a positive change. But what really makes us different from all the other companies?

At Elaniin we have understood that our most valuable assets are not only our software solutions, but our people behind those solutions. We are a people-first organization that prioritizes the needs of our collaborators and our clients with empathy, equity, transparency, and good communication.

There's no doubt that hard work is crucial in this field, but a culture that really takes it seriously allowing people to separate their work and personal life, that listens continuously, that understands their people’s needs, and shapes their business strategy considering those factors, is key.

Our growing strategy:

As a company we have understood that strategy and culture should always be in the same sentence. Strategy guides the “what, who, and how” and culture aligns the “why” around that strategy. This why allows the people to recognize their role in following that plan and to join the team through shared beliefs around the company’s identity.

We have come to the conclusion that building a purpose-driven culture isn’t always easy. However, the benefits that this effort brings to the productivity and commitment of our team to our company are our most valuable KPI that we focus on.

We have learned the importance of feedback on our daily basis, as it allows us to understand our reality and improve constantly. Seeking to permit people to speak their minds and have meaningful experiences with our company by helping them achieve their professional and personal goals, is one of our main objectives.

Our company has made a big bet for the organizational culture efforts by reflecting our uniqueness, our core mission and values, and finding ways to continuously improve and grow, putting people always at the center.

As Culture & Engagement Coordinator, I believe that the final piece of the puzzle in shaping the business strategy under cultural efforts can easily be summed up in the following 4 key points:

  • Always listen to your collaborators. Keep in mind that the source of the most valuable insights that will lead to successful strategies is inside your company.
  • Focus the progress of your company on the satisfaction of your collaborators since their satisfaction and commitment with the company is fundamental to generate extraordinary results.
  • Never stop communicating to your people. But most importantly, never stop communicating your WHY. This will help to create a long-lasting bond with the right team, and to generate a sense of belonging that will allow them to give their greatest potential in the business vision and its path to success.
  • Understand that this path is about lots of learning in between. Always evaluate the actions you’re implementing. Be open-minded to points of opportunity and new ways to do things.

We’re always looking to open our doors to people who share our beliefs and want to live this experience with us. If you want to be part of an incredible culture full of talented people, you can see our available positions by clicking: here.