Growing up, learning, and evolving is what makes life so fulfilling. Every person has their own path to success, and challenges indubitably will appear during the journey.  When it comes to challenges Pieranyela, one of our boosters, has managed to rise through adversity like a champion.

We had the chance and honor to interview her and learn more about her process to become the successful woman she is today. We’re proud to share her story and outlook as a valuable international booster in our team.

Tell us about yourself, describe who Pieranyela is…

My name is Pieranyela Carrasco. I am a 20 year old young woman from Venezuela. I have lived for 4 years in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and I work as a Software Quality Engineer at Elaniin. I consider myself a stay at home person, usually watching series, documentaries, or movies (but not horror!!). My weakness is sweets, I never get tired of eating them!

Even though  technology has caught my attention since I was little, studying software development was never my plan. My interests revolved around a language degree, however, due to the situation in my country, I could not fulfill that desire. But life gave me a better opportunity and a second chance to come to this country (DR) to seek a better future. It was here that I discovered my love for the area of ​​Information Technology, I knew very little about it, and I was aware that it was not an easy area, so I put all my effort and dedication into learning. With time and much  discipline, I discovered a field  within this world that I am even more passionate about: Software Quality.

Do you have a phrase that motivates you?

“Change can be scary but you know what's scarier? Allowing fear to prevent you from growing, evolving and progressing.” - Mandy Hale

Personally, it's very difficult for me to get out of my comfort zone, however, I know  that in life it is not good to procrastinate, constant change is needed if you want to keep  improving more and more. When I read this quote, I manage to get inspired and put aside the fear and uncertainty that change can make me feel.

Who is a person you admire and inspires you?

Taylor Swift, without a doubt, is an example of resilience and passion for me.

She's been through a lot of humiliation and disloyalty, to the point of losing ownership of almost all of her discography, and yet she continues to shine, making it clear that she has the potential to pick herself up, heal her wounds and carry on. She seems like an exceptional person, who turns her bad experiences into an opportunity to make art! Taylor's maneuver to recover her music,  work and art is one of the most intelligent and daring of stories. There is no other artist who has done it and that needs to be  recognized, she defined a before and after in "The music industry", a title by which she holds high and is recognized for.

Tell us about your experience being abroad student…

It was quite a challenge for me;  I was 16 years old, and I had to leave my country,  my family, friends and everything I knew to face a new reality in a country with different customs, in search of a better future for myself. I studied (with many sacrifices) Technology in Software Development, at the "Instituto Tecnológico de Las Américas", located in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. It was not easy for me to adapt, because I was facing two changes simultaneously: moving from high school to college and changing my lifelong environment. However, I had the help of my aunt, Virginia Rodríguez, whom I deeply thank because she was a fundamental pillar for my personal and professional development. The moments when I felt that I couldn't take it anymore or missed my country and family, she was always there to give me her support and reminded me that with discipline and desire the to progress, everything is possible.

What advice would you give to someone going through the same thing as you did?

All beginnings are complex;the important thing is to always keep our goals in mind. Growth opportunities must be exploited to the maximum, do not forget that today's sacrifice is tomorrow's success. And last but not least: Thank all the people who were there for you when you needed them most.

What motivated you to become a developer?

I was struck by how software development can add value to any sector of the economy. Moreover, it is an area that is constantly growing! I found the concept of creating software used to unite logic and creativity (which from my understanding at the time were two terms that did not go hand in hand) very interesting. When I started studying programming I knew the infinite possibilities that this career offers and one of the benefits that seems most remarkable to me is its rapid employment. I never imagined that I would be able to work in my area professionally without first having obtained my university degree, but I did!

Why did you decided to become a QA?

I have always been a  perfectionist in  what I do. In the beginning, I was determined to be a software developer, but my perspective changed the day I read the phrase “a programmer who does not care about testing himself is an incomplete programmer”. Without knowing it, I read the sentence that would completely change the way I saw software development. I began to dig into testing fundamentals  and discovered my passion: to deliver a fully functional application for the client. The most important thing for the software is that it needs to solve your clients’ needs; this is a key piece in a software product’s success. It is essential that the client has an app free glitches, since even a simple error can be the life or death of a project.

What was the project that has challenged you the most as a QA?

I worked on a project related to changing the essence of a bank; it was very demanding due to how exhaustive the processes of a bank tend to be. The business logic was quite complicated, especially for me, because at that time I hadn’t had experience with projects of this nature. The project requirements were very extensive and were rarely found in natural language.

What learning or teachings did that experience leave you?

I learned that asking questions isn’t bad. Before, I used to feel self-conscious when constantly asking questions at work, thinking that others could interpret it  as a lack of preparation and wasting much  time trying to find answers on my own. I saw the need to get out of that mental state due to the nature of the brand I was working with.

I also understood that the worst mistake we can make as Software Quality Assurance is to assume.

The key to being efficient is  to always keep questioning the product and its requirements and of course, always putting yourself in the shoes of the user, not the developer.

What was the first thing that caught your attention about Elaniin as a possible company to work for?

At first, their commitment level  to the recruitment process seemed like a green flag to me. As a candidate, I felt thrilled  with the continuous response from the company, at all times I knew at what stage of the process I was in.

How is your experience working for a completely foreign company? Was it easy or difficult to fit in?

It was always easy, because I am an immigrant, which has taught me over time to be able to adapt to  cultures and behaviors different from mine and Elaniin made it super easy.

What are the challenges you have experienced working in a team with people in different countries?

The challenge has been adapting to the different times zones of each member. Therefore it is necessary to manage my time, to avoid setbacks for any other member of my team.

What has motivated you to stay and continue being a part of Elaniin?

Without a doubt, the work culture and growth opportunities. From the moment I start working at Elaniin, an environment of teamwork and familiarity stands out from every other company I have worked at.

I was able to observe and experience, everything that feels fresh, dynamic, and new and there is an atmosphere that not only inspires confidence in its collaborators but also invites you  to continue towards your goals.The work - life balance is always respected and the leaders genuinely care about the existence of that balance.

Piera's journey has undoubtedly not been easy, but it is a testament to her hard work and perseverance! We are inspired by how resilient she has been, and we are confident that many people will find a connection in her tale. We hope we can continue to see greatness in every one of the members of our great family. Elaniin is exceptionally proud to have her on the booster side.

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