Who doesn't love watching movies? Especially the ones that give you a good laugh and make you learn a few things! Hollywood is an expert in successful movies that knock it out of the park in the box office and make people obsessed with a new story. That's what makes movies so great! For a couple of hours, you deep dive in the exciting world you’re watching and get to experience what the characters who create a fantastic journey are going through! Movies are a great way of entertainment because they allow you to sit back, enjoy and feel as you watch!  

If you enjoy a good movie and love programming, these next 10 movies are a must  for your binge-watch list!

Warning Spoilers ahead! Just kidding.


This is a movie to let you know that it’s always possible to start learning something new! This movie tells the story of two adults Billy, and Nick who lose their jobs and then decide to apply for Google’s competitive internship program. They both get chosen to join The Internship program at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California, and meet with the others in the program who are also geniuses and a young group of people. We don't want to  spoil any more details, but this movie is filled up with comedy and great character development!


This movie is proof that programming can save your life! ...Well, in a hypothetical way at least, if you ever get trapped in the computer world,  the only way out is if you put your programming skills to the test! Anyways, Tron is an excellent  movie with the best of both fantastic visuals and programming! This movie has a sequel, so you can watch Tron (1982) first and then watch Tron: Legacy (2010) to enjoy the complete experience of a digital world and its evolution in one night!


When romance meets AI. Her is a movie about a man going through a separation. To  fill the void of loneliness, he purchases a new operating system with AI designed to adapt to any environment and evolve like a human. This movie has a strong storyline and an exceptional script! It's a must-watch for programmers if they're interested in Artificial Intelligence and its future.


This movie shows how everything has consequences if it's not used correctly  or with good purposes. Released in 2015, Ex Machina shows a lot about artificial intelligence evolution and the applications that humankind has made to help people live their best life. The story keeps you hooked and on the edge of your seat throughout the entire runtime, and the end leaves you speechless! This movie shows the power and struggles programmers in developing software face and how their actions and use of power have consequences.


A classic! And for many good reasons! Based on the true story about the creation of Facebook and the rise of Mark Zuckerberg. It shows the growth, struggles, and conflicts Mark had to face. It's an inspirational story that shows the achievements of a dedicated programmer who believed in his dream, but most importantly a programmer who believed in its potential against all odds.

Movies are a great way to disconnect from reality and immerse into a new one for at least a while! Making  time to rest but also keep your mind occupied is difficult but watching a movie makes that possible. Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and thank God we have movies to learn in a more fun way!

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