Sometimes we are afraid of change but the truth is that they often come with great things or an experience that makes you grow.

This is why we wanted to give a boost to our culture. At Elaniin we are great, but that doesn't mean that we can't be better. It's all about giving it a little twist to make the Booster Side shine even more.

Our season 1: Inception, comes with new projects and new benefits for our Boosters to enjoy their working life at Elaniin even more.

Just wait and see.

More benefits, more fun.

For us your health, especially nowadays, is incredibly important, that's why we wanted to extend the medical benefits for our Boosters.

  • Medical Insurance Bonus: We want to protect your health and we will do it through a bonus for private medical insurance that will be reintegrated monthly via payroll.
  • Wellbeing Program for Team Leaders: Balance is a must in everyone's life, and sometimes it's very difficult to give your mental health the importance it deserves. And in the particular case of team leaders, letting go of work and taking proper rest is more complicated. That's why they will get a monthly bonus so they can access different areas of the program of wellbeing and health.  
  • Wellbeing Program Talks: this is part of our new wellbeing program, we’ll have monthly talks with different specialists to cover financial education, productivity, and personal growth in order to help with our mental health. These talks will be held on the third week of every month and they will be recorded and shared in case you can't be present for any of them.
  • Certification Program: We've always believed in continuous improvement through education and now we have an internal program that will help you get certified and grow within Elaniin.
  • Programmed Savings: We want to help you achieve your personal goals too, and we know that to save sometimes we need a little help and you can choose to do it with us and start saving for any important events in your life.

New swag, new energize

For this year's swag, our creative team had in mind to create a series that we would be proud to wear. The main objective of our kit is to inspire our Boosters and that from the first contact they feel the vibe of the booster side

What items are our swag made of?

  • Hoodie
  • T-shirt
  • Tumbler
  • Sticker sheet

But this is not all, we are working on our line of collectibles that we are sure will have a significant impact on our Boosters.

The booster side at the palm of your hand

Get the booster side at the palm of your hand with Elaniin App, this app is for all of our digital boosters. Our boosters can earn points to trade for amazing rewards, prizes, and check all the benefits.

Inception runs from 2021 to 2022 and each new season comes with new things to improve the Elaniin experience.