Creating a community within a work environment requires work, effort and a lot of dedication.

At Elaniin, one of our main focuses is that all our representatives and talents feel part of a company that not only values ​​them and cares about their personal and professional satisfaction but also puts the effort into improving and striving for being the best place to work always.

Over the past 3 years we have been certified as a “Great Place to Work”. Many factors are taken into account in this certification, including the culture of the company, the impact of our programs and the perspective of each employee, through their experiences and valuable information through focus groups with each of them.

This certification has reinforced the importance of focusing on our team satisfaction and our commitment to provide the highest quality service. We would not have achieved this without having established our core values as a company from the very beginning.

Elaniin is a lifestyle and our goal as a business is to grow in the most impactful and inspiring way, creating our own opportunities at any given time, that's why for us:

  • People and their diversity are our greatest asset.
  • We adopt and we adapt.
  • If we can dream about it, we can make it happen.

Taking our core values ​​as the greatest motivation, we are also guided by our principles:

  • Passion
  • Excellence
  • Singularity
  • Authenticity

Our culture is based on effective leadership!

We have been able to maintain this culture through our constant and effective follow up with our leaders and their teams to identify opportunities to improve, and implement actions and training to make sure they are the best version of themselves every time.

Since the feedback we have received from our employees is that our leaders responded accurately and not only took their ideas and suggestions into consideration, but also made an effort to make them a reality. And this is how we manage to keep our culture of leadership always present.

So instead of telling ourselves why we are the best place to work, we will let our representatives do it, since its because of them that we have managed to be the company we are today:

  • “I believe that something unique is that it is quite easy for all collaborators to have communication with senior management and that contributes to the feeling that we are all at the same level and in the same boat.”
  • “The community is very happy, young and they always love to learn new things, many opportunities for growth... it feels like home.”
  • “It listens to its employees, it offers them growth opportunities, when there are emergencies the company is flexible and responds positively to permissions.”
  • “The culture and the way in which each of the projects is put into practice are executed.”
  • ​​”Its leaders stand out, it is easy to access and have communication with senior and middle managers. Without a doubt, working as a capable team has been great. In addition, his spirit and young vibe.”

Finally, we would like to mention the actions we take so that our collaborators feel 100% satisfied while working with Elaniin and allowing us to count on the support of their talent:

  • Professional development opportunities are highlighted, including: training, courses, certifications, study plans and the challenges of daily work.
  • Opening the training & development department has been a success. Let's go with all the projects and ideas for 2022.
  • The culture, work environment and benefits are highlighted. All the efforts of activities and the little details have paid off.
  • Remote work and flexible hours are highlighted. It has been of great value to the company and the collaborator.
  • The camaraderie stands out. Even virtually, the staff has managed to develop friendships and relationships.

Without our collaborators we would not be the company that we have managed to be in such a short time, we have grown, developed and created thanks to the talent of each of our employees. In the end we would not be able to have the community that we have if it were not for the support and participation of each one of them, Elaniin is their lifestyle, but above all Elaniin is the talent of their employees.