In recent years, software development companies have grown rapidly, generating many job opportunities and professional development for many talented people in different departments that make up the companies: Human resources, development, sales, operations, and marketing, among others. All these opportunities of course highlight the area of UX / UI designers as a fundamental part of the processes within the company... But heres the big question: Can we be part of the tech industry specializing as graphic designers?  

This is a question that we frequently hear among designers who are in training, about to leave university, graphic designers who are not passionate about experience and interface design as such, or graphic designers with notable experience who want to get out of the world of creative agencies to seek new horizons and opportunities, however, they feel that to be part of a tech company they have to specialize directly in UX / UI and this generates many doubts or even a little demotivation since on many occasions they are not as passionate as such this branch of design, but without a doubt, this is a myth.

In a tech company, due to its accelerated growth and its high concern for improving the culture or experiences within the company, a variety of creative and graphic needs are often developed that objectively, due to the branch of specialization, a UX / UI designer cannot solve, this is where the eureka moment arrives for graphic designers solving a list of visual or graphic needs that range from the creation of advertising campaigns for social networks to OOH, the opportunity to create processes to improve graphic performance, creative and visual planning for campaigns recruitment or awareness, specific campaign spots, multimedia content, photography for lifestyle, and many more situations in which a graphic designer can contribute his enormous talent, and if the designer specializes in different branches such as multimedia, motion design or photography among others your opportunities will increase significantly to lead equipment.

In addition to being an opportunity to grow as designers and expand our knowledge, we have the possibility of accessing a culture rich in benefits designed for employees that significantly improve the work experience, some of them may be extra days off, and access to continuing education, among others.

In this industry, design trends are updated on a recurring basis where simplicity and functionality always predominate, so they must be prepared to adapt and apply them in the best way so that the companies they represent stand out and maintain high graphic standards.

In short, a graphic designer can break it into a tech company, the more specializations or knowledge they possess, of course, the better, after all, remembering, everything they visually perceive from the big technology companies in El Salvador or in the world regardless of the medium advertising a graphic designer has been behind these visual impacts that generate multiple feelings and help to meet the objectives of companies.