Elaniin has always prided itself on its people. Our fundamental vision has always remained front and center for our community, even summed up in our company name: to Elevate, Encourage, and Inspire (Elevar, Animar, Inspirar), and has brought about a unique cultural ecosystem, highly digital and hyper-connected. Success in the tech industry, especially in Latin America, has always required a strong and focused creative drive and a constant pursuit of operational excellence, deeply anchored by the people who are part of hard-working, creative, and effective teams. I truly believe that Elaniin has built this, reflected by a culture that is inherently unique and unlike any other company in the region.

Yet, we wish to give our cultural vision a boost. While our fundamental core spirit and values are permanent, we are not without change. Seeking to constantly evolve and progress, we believe it is the perfect moment to fundamentally shift our organization from traditional HR practices to a much more understanding and daring People practice. This change will allow us to pursue a new and upgraded vision focused on a more holistic outlook of wellbeing; more inclusive, connected, purpose-driven, and human.

Evolving with technology

Tomorrow’s winning companies will be the ones that are reinventing themselves to become deliberate, strategic, and in touch with their communities. After all, technology companies, at their core, are intellectual enterprises, whose greatest assets are their people. As is Elaniin’s nature, we wish to take bold new steps into the future that will further drive the core purpose of our Company and our amazing Boosters: to build great and daring tech products, to develop and become great software engineers, and to compete with the biggest software development companies in the world. We want to do things a bit differently, especially in our small corner of the world.

A boosted People vision will require a cultural shift that is to be built around our collaborator’s identity through almost-total digital practices and processes, that go from onboarding to community building to constant training, as well as unique initiatives designed to develop productivity, wellbeing, and personal growth. We see this as an enormous challenge for a Company in a country deeply rooted in very traditional business practices, and we recognize that it will require excellence in our team’s craft. To face this transformational challenge and truly drive cultural evolution, we have decided to redesign our People team from its core.

The new dream team

We have brought on Ana Portillo as our new Culture and Engagement Coordinator, to further pursue the implementation of our vision toward a more dynamic community-building strategy. Ana brings new ideas, creativity, and immense warmth that we believe will push these cultural efforts to new heights. She will be working closely with our fabulous and well-seasoned team, which includes Pamela Castellón and Paola Díaz, looking to champion a more comprehensive People practice, that is to be designed around our community’s experience and fundamental digital identity. With this amazing trio’s leadership and through a people-first and community-led focus, our upgraded People team will strive to make Elaniin a place where all our collaborators feel welcome, accepted, and encouraged to achieve excellence; a community that is warm, creative, and, above all, fun. We wish to develop a community so good, so creative, and so innovative that every effort, push project, idea, and creation that comes from Elaniin is a by-product of our Boosters just having fun.

Each member of the team brings their own unique perspective to the table, but as a whole, we will work hard to redesign our training & development practices, our HR management processes, our connection to our entire workforce (and we mean the entire workforce, including support teams), and the very nature of the activities that foster our community building.

In the pursuit of this upgraded new people vision, we wish to champion constructive feedback, to constantly learn and not punish failure, to try new and daring things, to be stronger when we grow together, to strive to be great people (kind and accepting) and to be able to adapt to change. As Elaniin, we dare to be held accountable for it. After all, as the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

More exciting culture news are coming in Elaniins way...