What makes a company known for its quality service is always thanks to its people. Without the support and talent that each person brings in their different areas of expertise, there would be no service to offer to the market.

The heart and core of Elaniin are its people. Since in addition to hiring extremely talented people, we focus on continuing to motivate and inspire them through new projects, challenges, and above all teamwork! Since our culture is based on leadership by being part of our team they'll always have the best options at hand.

Finding the right people to be the talent we recruit to represent us before other companies is not an easy task, in fact, it is a process that we have developed to be as specific, detailed, and efficient as possible for us to be able to satisfy our collaborators 100% by carefully selecting the ideal staff for their projects.

Having said this, we have divided this process into 6 steps that we detail below:

  1. We accept the request:

We receive our client's request and take care of helping them define or determine the profile they are looking for, to make the selection process more efficient and immediate.

  1. Sourcing the right candidates

We make sure that the candidates match the project and your needs by carefully filtering each of the profiles that apply, this helps make the process much more fluid and effective, which allows us to better manage time and deliver the candidates as soon as possible.

  1. Test and interviews

The candidates go through technical and psychological evaluations, we carry out these with the objective of evaluating their technical skills for the position and to determine if they are people who can solve problems and inconveniences in a practical and efficient way. In addition, we conduct interviews to have a clear perspective of each profile, taking into account effective communication and confidence when speaking. To complete this process, we also require background investigation documents (if necessary).

  1. Presenting our availability of talent to the clients:

We send you a proposal (statement of work), with details of rates, availability and terms and conditions to start the onboarding process! We help to summarize this process only so that our candidates make the final decision, which is: choose the profile that best suits their indications.

  1. Initial meeting

We introduce you to the talent supervisor who is the person who will be in charge of following up on the profile or profiles that have been selected and we define a start date for the talent to start with their new responsibilities.

  1. Follow-up

We constantly provide feedback and satisfaction. This is very important for us, because this is how we ensure that the selected candidates fulfill their responsibilities and prove that our processes are adequate to select the correct profiles.

By following this process we have realized that everything is possible if we give it the attention and dedication it deserves, finding talent is not difficult because there are many people with so many talents that can be used.

Our selection process has shown us that:

  • With each client we have learned to improve our talent acquisition process to provide the most proficient talent.
  • Our devs have development and growth opportunities to strengthen their soft skills and technical knowledge by working with companies that allow them to challenge their talents on a daily basis.
  • There is no such thing as being too specific, the more specific the position, the better the selection process will be because there is nowhere to get lost in the details.

You can trust Elaniin to find the talent you need to complete or improve your services. We are committed to all our collaborators since when we find them talent they take a part of us with them.

Let us take control of the most stressful part and trust that we will find the right fit for you!

To have our service you can contact us at: https://hiredevs.elaniin.com/usa