In 2020 an idea was born within the chaos of a pandemic as a result of a need that was already present but made more notable by the quarantine, the promise of a 360° shopping experience for salvadorans. The lack of a business that could offer a complete and satisfactory service from the first interaction with the client to the delivery of the product was the opportunity within the market that was taken and exploited to the fullest, resulting in a service that meets all the check boxes and mark them as complete because the success it has had since it was released speaks for itself.

This is how Mercandú was born, a digital platform with a website and mobile application, which offers more than 500,000 products available in different categories such as: Technology, Home, Vitamins, Makeup, Pets, among others, all delivered to the door of your house in a matter of days.

As a tech partner, Elaniin is proud to see the progress and growth of all the efforts that are now a reality and a revolution within the national market and now, Mercandú expands and opens its doors in Guatemala!

After more than a year of constant learning, growth and research, Mercandú continues to take important steps to consolidate itself as the largest reference in e-commerce in the region, 12 months after this adventure began. This has undoubtedly meant the opening of new job opportunities in both El Salvador and Guatemala. Mercandú Guatemala is the beginning of an accelerated expansion project to conquer all of Central America and the Caribbean.

This is the first step to achieving the goal of being able to operate in 5 countries by 2023! Little by little our work shows the results we envisioned since the beginning! And as we like to say in Elaniin, this is the year to get things done!

Mercandú is not only the result of an innovative concept, but it is also the result of the work and talent of a highly qualified team, experienced and committed to generating innovation in the logistics and retail industry, using the best in technology. Everything they do, plan and execute is focused on the needs of their clients.

Sharing with Guatemalans a unique experience in every sense that offers more than 500,000 products, excellence in customer service, short delivery times, guarantee on your orders and many more benefits is a reality thanks to the efforts of all our collaborators and the trust of all the clients who have supported us since the launch of this dream that is now an international successful realty.

Now everyone in Guatemala will be able to buy what they always wanted, finding the best brands in technology, the best products for the home, everything for pets, for exercise and much more; on its platform or through its mobile application.

We are proud and really excited for this new accomplishment of Mercandú, and as its Technology Partner, we feel more committed to providing the top tech talent team to impact this expansion and keep generating great results.

Find everything for everyone in Mercandú!